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I will NEVER be bored again! Check out Hullygully

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HoneyDragon Tue 22-Jan-13 21:13:53

Hee heee

I can make over my dog

HoneyDragon Wed 23-Jan-13 18:05:27

There are several wonderful men in my life who are thrilled when I do them up wink

But it's masses more fun with a dog grin

Tee2072 Wed 23-Jan-13 17:50:01

I wonder if these people know what you're using their site for!

And grin

HoneyDragon Wed 23-Jan-13 17:04:28

That wig looks so much better on Fenton pup than it did Hully. She just looked like a badly groomed Afghan Hound grin

Fenton Wed 23-Jan-13 16:59:00

grin grin

Very last one.

HoneyDragon Wed 23-Jan-13 16:53:06

This must be what Stratters feels like in RL with little dog to dress up envy

HoneyDragon Wed 23-Jan-13 16:51:44


It's hard to stop. So very hard, once you've discovered you can put mascara on your dog blush

Fenton Wed 23-Jan-13 16:44:46

For a wedding? - he would make a lovely bridesmaid.

I will stop now

Fenton Wed 23-Jan-13 16:38:54


And now something a bit more glam...

HoneyDragon Wed 23-Jan-13 16:33:19

I reckon he'd be a good stand in or Beyonce in that. No one would no till he started to mime sing.

Fenton Wed 23-Jan-13 16:31:14

Subtle isn't it? Less is more, as they say.

HoneyDragon Wed 23-Jan-13 16:29:47

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the eye shadow. grin

Fenton Wed 23-Jan-13 16:28:43

Oh, look at my beauty....

HoneyDragon Wed 23-Jan-13 15:31:06

Here you go pimp your dog

Fenton Wed 23-Jan-13 15:16:37

Go on then HoneyDragon, I'll have that link - I've been taking pics of the pup and have a couple I could use.

Bet my pup is prettier than yours wink

Absy Wed 23-Jan-13 15:03:04

Man, the second one is like looking at an actual picture of the Original HullyGully.

I think.

Fenton Wed 23-Jan-13 15:02:15

I will not have you do that to FentonPup - look how beautiful he is..

besides, being as black as he is I haven't got a suitable picture to play with grin

Tee2072 Wed 23-Jan-13 14:59:44

I think HullyGullyPuppy looks nice, why so sad, Fenton?

Pagwatch Wed 23-Jan-13 14:58:10


HoneyDragon Wed 23-Jan-13 14:55:19

Do you want me to do a link so you can go Fenton Pup? grin

Fenton Wed 23-Jan-13 14:52:48

I'm going to call Dog's Trust on you, HoneyDragon.

Poor HullyGullyPuppy sad

HoneyDragon Wed 23-Jan-13 14:49:39

I may put posters up.

Have you seen this dog?

[wanted for fraud]

BeerTricksPotter Wed 23-Jan-13 14:32:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WowOoo Wed 23-Jan-13 14:17:09

Lovely dog! The first one looks normal to me. It really really suits her/him.

HoneyDragon Wed 23-Jan-13 13:36:53

She is a chameleon I am thinking of approaching MI5 to see if they want her as a spy.

Taaz makeover is much more fun with the dog

Beehatch Tue 22-Jan-13 21:32:07

I think I know No.4

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