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Well, check out that tache! See how the MNHQ men are doing with their Movember challenge, find out who's who and other hairy stuff

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HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 08-Nov-12 12:24:51


Thanks to all who posted on last week's thread about how the MNHQ Men are taking the Movember challenge to help raise money for research into prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

We thought you might like to see how they've been getting on - and maybe even donate a quid or two in recognition of their increasingly hirsute efforts? Would be much appreciated if you could...

Also, for all those who are itching to know which clean-shaven chin pic posted up last week belonged to which MNHQ Man, we can reveal that the correct answers were....
1. DarrenMumsnet 2. GeorgeTech 3. Tech 4. PeterNotaTech 5 PatrickMumsnet and 6. ShamTech

Right, on with this week's rather hairier picture parade.

This week's question: judging by today's pics, which MNHQ Man do you reckon will have the most major moustache by the end of the month? Do have a guess on this thread...

ColetteTech (MNHQ) Mon 12-Nov-12 17:11:26

and this is a test to see if an Android phone can do this type of thing grin

DarrenMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 12-Nov-12 11:53:23

This is a test to see if the ipad app can do this type of thing

DarrenMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 12-Nov-12 11:44:33

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

NorbertDentressangle Fri 09-Nov-12 09:54:26

I must say, I feel that they could have been a little more creative after all if I've got to live with DPs OTT creation for this month then other partners/wives should suffer too

RudolphUcker Fri 09-Nov-12 07:17:53

Oooo yes, a twirly villain stache. Or a ringmaster one. Not Hitler/Chaplin.

Tee2072 Fri 09-Nov-12 06:22:57

I know! I know! We need Movember smilies!

grin with a 'stache would be ace!!!!!

::puppy eyes::

Tee2072 Fri 09-Nov-12 06:22:23

I would say ShamTech is going to win the hairiest lip contest.

Perhaps a guest spot on Ha Ha Hairies?


MmeLindor Thu 08-Nov-12 23:10:49

Yes, you can use your MN name, and add in your RL name for the Gift Aid bit which doesn't show up.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Thu 08-Nov-12 22:55:00

I think Olivia and Helen were hoping Fanuary would die with the other thread

[mwah hah hah]

Is there anywhere on the sponsoring to put in MN name, MmeL?

Landy77 Thu 08-Nov-12 22:49:26

Can't stop laughing at dh he looks terrible, can't see we are going to be that romantic this month smile

MmeLindor Thu 08-Nov-12 22:10:04

God love 'em for doing this. They must have known that they would get the piss taken out of them something rotten.

Fine follicles, chaps! (did I do that right?) Jolly good, show.

Do you all drink wine or are you more [beer] kinda guys. We could do with a [beer] emoticon to celebrate Movember in a manly fashion.

janji Thu 08-Nov-12 22:07:23

My sons school is sponsoring dads and all of the male teachers to grow a moustache and asking all of the children to go to school with a fake moustache at the end of November; the day the teachers are going to shave off theirs. They have a roll of honour board for all dad / staff participants!

cocolepew Thu 08-Nov-12 19:36:35

My ' tache has grown more in the same time as some of those grin

Loving shamtechs 70's porno look.

SoupDragon Thu 08-Nov-12 18:17:22

There is a boy in DS1's U14 rugby team with more moustache than 3 of those techs grin

BeerTricksPott3r Thu 08-Nov-12 18:15:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon Thu 08-Nov-12 18:02:03

Has PatrickTech grown anything?

RudolphUcker Thu 08-Nov-12 17:58:47

I've looked it up in the etiquette guides. One should say 'Fine follicles, Sir!' or pass no comment at all.

TheHeadlessLambrini Thu 08-Nov-12 17:57:15

shamtech looks like he's straight out of the 70's, I think I remember him in a film, I think it was one of the Police Academy ones, where they run into a gay bar and find it all full of black pvc, leather and whips!! grin

Onetwothreeoops Thu 08-Nov-12 17:57:12

I'm really struggling to make any comment on these photos that wouldn't inadvertently insult the others. Is it good form to congratulate a man on their hairiness or not confused

Are the close ups only because the 'taches are new and will we get to see full face pictures at the end of the month?

RudolphUcker Thu 08-Nov-12 17:49:25

Aw, bless 'em. I reckon I have bigger eyebrows after a week of not plucking grin

BlissfullyIgnorant Thu 08-Nov-12 17:44:06

So...should we do Fanuary?

Onetwothreeoops Thu 08-Nov-12 17:10:44

My DH is doing it and every time I look at him I laugh, hopefully for both our sakes I'll get used to it soon grin

ouryve Thu 08-Nov-12 14:45:19

PeterNotATech - creepy. Needs to shave on December 1st.
ShamTech totally rocks his tash, though.

TerracottaPie Thu 08-Nov-12 14:37:56

Aww...some can only grow bumfluff grin

FannyPriceless Thu 08-Nov-12 13:52:46

ShamTech appears to be rocking the 'I've come to clean your pool' 1970s vibe. I love it!

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