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Lovely things a MNer sent us :)

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Nagoo Thu 06-Sep-12 18:39:01

Ok so, when you get your luffly thing, if the desire so takes you, post a picture of it here smile

Nagoo Sat 08-Sep-12 13:29:25

Fav, I'll pm you my email smile

FalseStartered Sat 08-Sep-12 13:29:48

<hearts Nagoo for saying that>


OrangeandGoldMrsDeVere Sat 08-Sep-12 13:29:51

What have I missed? I already got tons of lovely things at Christmas so not angling for any more. Would like to know what's occurring though smile

NCForNow Sat 08-Sep-12 13:31:44

That's right Nagoo! It's getting a little pressie that's not in a nappy or a bin bag that has thrilled me beyond measure!

NCForNow Sat 08-Sep-12 13:33:20

here is the thread to ask about it MrsDevere and there is another for putting your name down.

OrangeandGoldMrsDeVere Sat 08-Sep-12 13:38:06

Thanks smile

NorksAreMessy Sat 08-Sep-12 13:51:20

So glad you liked it! Horse was a complete coincidence- spooky eh? Isn't this just grin ?

NCForNow Sat 08-Sep-12 13:53:32

Yes it is! I love horses! And I also love green! Very woo! grin

DH was most amused when I explained what A THING meant! grin

SPsFanjoSponsoredByOrange Sat 08-Sep-12 14:28:26

I got a thiong (spelling is correct) grin from Norks.

I don't know how to put pictures up like NC though

SPsFanjoSponsoredByOrange Sat 08-Sep-12 14:29:49

Norks Are you psychic?? I've just looked at mine and there is a butterfly on it.

Gues what?

I love butterflies!


NCForNow Sat 08-Sep-12 14:47:59

Have you got pics that you can put on your comp or laptop fanjo? Do you know how to put them on your profile?

SPsFanjoSponsoredByOrange Sat 08-Sep-12 14:49:00

I can put them on profile. I'm using my phone.

I'll attempt it now

NCForNow Sat 08-Sep-12 14:52:27

Ooh good! If you want, I can try to then put them on here for you? I'm not sure if that's possible...but it might be.

NCForNow Sat 08-Sep-12 15:00:49

And make your profile public too Fanjo! grin

SPsFanjoSponsoredByOrange Sat 08-Sep-12 15:14:55

Is it public?

ParsleyTheLioness Sat 08-Sep-12 15:24:30

I sees it Fanjo...

NCForNow Sat 08-Sep-12 15:28:17


SPsFanjoSponsoredByOrange Sat 08-Sep-12 17:26:00

It's on my bag already grin

Nagoo Sat 08-Sep-12 17:28:39

Woooo! Happy happy people getting things!

tidybaby Sat 08-Sep-12 17:49:57

Just received my absolutely beautiful thing from Norks! I love it, but it's made me feel a bit ashamed of the effort you're going to receive blush but it's being made with love, so I hope you like it. It's almost finished, just a leg to go now wink

NorksAreMessy Sat 08-Sep-12 18:19:00

Anything made with love is automatically lovely.
Anything chosen and packaged and taken to the post office and sent with love is lovely.


BlueSuedeStiletto Sat 08-Sep-12 20:02:53

I'm sending my THING out tomorrow. But having seen Norks' efforts, I'm feeling gqite ashamed that I didn't make them! blush

RumpledTitSkin Sat 08-Sep-12 20:22:47

Oh no. The other things are lovely. I am not crafty at all. Yours is on it's way Tidybaby, please don't expect much!

NorksAreMessy Sat 08-Sep-12 20:43:57

Nobody said the THING has to be crafty!!!!
I just happen to do this for a living, that's all!
PLEASE send non-made THINGS, chosen with love, they are still BRILLIANT THINGS because they ARRIVE in the post

I really didn't mean to make people really is just what I do

IsSamNormansDad Sat 08-Sep-12 20:49:41

thank you so much Norks - I love the keyring grin
Tis very luffly & has pride of place on my keys!
My things will be posted on Monday, sadly not homemade, but chosen with care.

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