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BrunoTech (MNHQ) Mon 06-Aug-12 11:20:55


MidnightKnitter Fri 17-Aug-12 10:35:36

<crosses fingers>

MidnightKnitter Fri 17-Aug-12 10:33:28

hmm wishing i had chosen a better photo now.

MidnightKnitter Fri 17-Aug-12 10:31:38

i have to try...

reliablemillipede Mon 13-Aug-12 23:23:20


Fiveflowers Sun 12-Aug-12 20:59:00

Testing again..

Fiveflowers Sun 12-Aug-12 20:58:44


Fiveflowers Sun 12-Aug-12 20:58:31

Just testing..

nickelbarapasaurus Tue 07-Aug-12 11:52:46

awwww Tee he's gorgeous too grin

TheHouseofMirth Mon 06-Aug-12 18:43:40

Did I do it?

FalseStartered Mon 06-Aug-12 18:34:28

does this work?

Tee2072 Mon 06-Aug-12 18:26:35

She's gorgeous nickel.

That's ^ one I made. He's much bigger now though!

nickelbarapasaurus Mon 06-Aug-12 13:16:14

it is good advice.

RaisinDEritrea Mon 06-Aug-12 13:16:00

not directed at you nickel, either, just a general y'know, riff on revealing stuff on ye olde internettie

LemarchandsBox Mon 06-Aug-12 13:10:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RaisinDEritrea Mon 06-Aug-12 13:10:22

cute baby tho' awwwwwwww

RaisinDEritrea Mon 06-Aug-12 13:09:55

I know, Lemarch, but each time I mention stuff about being aware of posting personal info I get the hmm face and accusations of being on a personal crusade

(NB under many diff usernames not just this one)

ho hum

nickelbarapasaurus Mon 06-Aug-12 13:08:14

it's alright Lemarch - she's all over the internet anyway.

But wise precaution for those that value their privacy a little higher than i do... blush

LemarchandsBox Mon 06-Aug-12 13:06:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

garlicnuts Mon 06-Aug-12 13:01:09

Novack - <diversion> - post edit slows the flow of conversation. It's really annoying when you reply to a post, only to find it's been changed by the time you hit send. I think it's better to make allowances for typos & predictive text bloopers (which can be entertaining in their own right!)

nickelbarapasaurus Mon 06-Aug-12 12:59:02

grin ta

i made her grin

garlicnuts Mon 06-Aug-12 12:58:41

Aww, nickelbar smile

nickelbarapasaurus Mon 06-Aug-12 12:57:52

i took this this morning.

NovackNGood Mon 06-Aug-12 12:57:43

What about taking the time to switch on the edit post function that you could have so we can correct the silly spelling mistakes that creep in to our own posts. I forever get caught out with predictive texts keyboards being in a different language to my previous message to a friend etc. then giving a bad spelling smile

ForFoxsGlacierMints Mon 06-Aug-12 12:51:22

I LOVE this! Style and Beauty will be amazing now!

NovackNGood Mon 06-Aug-12 12:27:04

Then all the more reason to click on Tesco ads for you to make them have to pay google and get no benefit muhahahaha.

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