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MumsnetGuestPosts (MNHQ) Fri 18-Mar-16 17:09:13

Guest post: Nicky Morgan - "Why academisation is best for our schools"

While deputy head Tim Paramour argues that turning all schools into academies is a gamble with our children's futures, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan says the change will allow every student to fulfil their potential

Nicky Morgan

Education Secretary

Posted on: Fri 18-Mar-16 17:09:13


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"I am a firm believer that an exceptional education transforms children's futures."

As parents, we all want the best for our children. We want to make sure they have access to the best opportunities and to help them grow up into well-rounded adults. Making sure that our children have a high quality education is a key part of that.

I want to outline exactly what academisation means and why I truly believe this is the best way forward for our schools. Our children only have one shot at receiving the best education and I am committed to ensuring this happens as swiftly as possible.

We need to put our trust into the hands of the people that know best how to run our schools - the teachers - and the academy system does just that. This video tells you more about what an academy is. It gives schools greater autonomy to make the decisions that are right for their community and pupils. After all, we have the finest generation of teachers ever and being part of an academy helps put the power back in their hands.

The most recent results show that the percentage of pupils achieving the expected level in reading, writing and maths at the end of Key Stage 2 in primary academies has risen by 4%, from 67% in 2014 to 71% in 2015. Additionally, when it comes to secondary, it's a similar story with converter academies which are performing 7.2% above the national average, with 64.3% of pupils achieving five good GCSEs.

I am committed to making it easier for you as a parent to play an even more active role in your child's education. I want to put young people and parents first – something that might sound obvious, but the truth is that for too long parents have been an afterthought in our education system.

However, a dynamic school system where all schools are academies is just one part of a much wider plan to improve our education system which I set out yesterday in our white paper.

It is every parent's right to know their child is in an excellent school no matter where in the country they live. I am confident that this move will guarantee a higher school standard with each academy held to account for the performance of their pupils.

Ultimately, I am committed to making it easier for you as a parent to play an even more active role in your child's education. In essence, I want to put young people and parents first – something that might sound obvious, but the truth is that for too long parents have been an afterthought in our education system. We want you as parents to have a much stronger voice in what happens to your child during their school years, because we know that you want the very best for your child.

So how are we doing that? Firstly, I am well aware that the education system can appear complex to many parents. I am dedicated to changing this once and for all, and putting the control firmly back in your hands. As a result of this, I plan to introduce a new, online Parents Portal from as early as next year. This portal will enable parents' access to key information and allow you to support your child's learning.

Alongside this, we have changed the curriculum and the way that students will be assessed. This will help to raise standards and make sure that your child leaves school with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. It is imperative that every child fulfils their potential, and this includes stretching the most able pupils.

More young people will also study the EBacc - a combination of maths, English, two sciences, a humanity and a language - up to the age of 16. And the exams and qualifications young people are awarded will set a new international gold standard that is respected by employers, helping them to succeed in our increasingly global world.

I am a firm believer that an exceptional education transforms children's futures and everything outlined in this White Paper is committed to ensuring that parents and pupils come first. Our goal must always be to ensure every single child leaves school with the best education and the opportunity to excel in adult life. I believe that together, we can achieve that goal.

By Nicky Morgan

Twitter: @NickyMorgan01

kateemo Fri 18-Mar-16 18:33:06

Oh yes, yet another imposition without consultation by this government. And then they send Nicky "shark bait" Morgan in to give us evidence. OOH AAH.

You know what an online portal means to teachers? Yet MORE hours of work in addition to the extra hours your buddy Gove laid on with the admin. I prefer to talk to my child's teacher face to face. I don't need a fecking portal. Besides, we already have one and no one uses it! It's good for storing the homework assignment, in case we missed it.

Petition signed.

VertigoNun Fri 18-Mar-16 18:34:41

My daughter is turning 18 and has SEN, six years of you made her not only want to vote labour, she joined the party.

You don't give two hoots about children or adults with disabilities and it shows. You seem to equate those that need help the most as being a very different criteria to others.

BettyBusStop Fri 18-Mar-16 18:34:44

Nobody believes you, Nicky. Do you even believe this nonsense yourself? Nobody thinks schools are perfect as they are, but forcing academisation on them is not going to improve matters.

You're little more than a puppet for Hameron. And a fairly inadequate one at that given last night's performance on Question Time.

BlueEyeshadow Fri 18-Mar-16 18:35:28

Ha! I was wondering how to harness the power of MN against this. Looks like Nicky Morgan just did it for us.

MuddhaOfSuburbia Fri 18-Mar-16 18:36:31

yknow, I'm kind of fond of LEAs

the principle, at any rate

where you VOTE for the people in control of your child's education

I'm also fond of trained teachers. Unionised professionals, who are paid a proper wage, on a proper payscale

I could go on- about education being run on a not for profit basis, public buildings being kept in public ownership for public use etc etc

but what do I know, Nicky. I'm just a daft housewife and mum of three, so I'm glad you cleared all that up for me


Oddoneout63 Fri 18-Mar-16 18:37:26

One of my DSs school had a homework portal but most of the teachers didn't use it, so what makes Nicky M think they'll keep a parents portal up to date?

Oddoneout63 Fri 18-Mar-16 18:38:28

...have time to keep one up to date...

SerenityReynolds Fri 18-Mar-16 18:40:39

Petition signed.

Felyne Fri 18-Mar-16 18:41:05

The link to the video doesn't work, says it's been removed by the user...?
The article has only been here an hour and a half.

BettyBusStop Fri 18-Mar-16 18:41:37

I've signed the petition, not that I have any faith it will make a difference. But at least they'll know we're not happy that they want to shit all over education for great unwashed.

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Fri 18-Mar-16 18:43:07

I think we might have reached the pinnacle for patronising bollocks in MN guest posts. It's going to be difficult for anyone to top this.


ILoveMyMonkey Fri 18-Mar-16 18:43:34

Signed the petition and shared.

As a ks1 teacher and a parent to a 3 year old I'm seriously depressed with how our education system has changed over the years and this is the final nail in the coffin. Nicky you should be ashamed of what you are doing to our schools and for ruining thousands of children, and future children's, education!

mrz Fri 18-Mar-16 18:45:16

By the DfE data LEA schools perform better than academies

SuffolkNWhat Fri 18-Mar-16 18:45:59

If you value us Nikki then why are you abolishing QTS? By all means change the training system but by taking away this internationally recognised qualification you are telling us what you really think of the people who should be in front of a class.

Feenie Fri 18-Mar-16 18:46:40

88% of primary schools are good or better, Nicky. Why do they need changing? Particularly when the data shows that LEA schools outperform academies. This is all a sham. I'm delighted that you've chosen MN to allow us to how transparent this all is.


Creatureofthenight Fri 18-Mar-16 18:48:28

Petition signed.
This is a travesty.

BettyBusStop Fri 18-Mar-16 18:48:39

I think the only thing that could top this is getting George Osborne on to give us all some household budgeting advice. Not that I'd trust him to manage a piggy bank.

bearleftmonkeyright Fri 18-Mar-16 18:48:44

I am absolutely outraged by this. I don't think I could be more angry. Taking away democratically elected governors and replacing them with self appointed, self serving representatives does not serve the school and the children. The governors are unaccountable to parents and forced academisation means they will be unaccountable to local government. So in effect, the education policy of any future government will mean nothing. We will have no say. That is frightening. They have taken away our democratic right to vote on education policy.

OrangeNoodle Fri 18-Mar-16 18:49:20

Academisation puts power in the hands of an executive head and a corporate board and that is IT.

Our local primary has lost over 60% of its staff since academisation a year ago, including the head, who isn't being replaced. This is all because the executive head wanted them out. For no good reason.

I know through contacts that this executive head is not to be trusted. She is an evangelical Christian who has brought in her church cronies. The kids were on the verge of being taught creationism. I kid you not.

Our governors have all been removed in favour of the new executive board. Who have never even visited the village.

Teaching and behaviour deteriorated so quickly after academisation that we withdrew our child and sent her to a private school kid year. We are lucky we can afford to do this but I am devastated for the village school.

OrangeNoodle Fri 18-Mar-16 18:50:47


RufusTheReindeer Fri 18-Mar-16 18:51:47

If becoming an academy was a good idea then my childrens school would be an academy

I can't believe the stupidity of a government that would....

No wait, i have no words that don't involve swearing

I spent most of yesterday trying work out whether my children would dodge this bullet

And no parent governors, thats a great example of empowering parents ...NOT!!

Haggisfish Fri 18-Mar-16 18:55:06

Hahaha! Parent and teacher here. Utter twaddle by nicky Morgan. Thank goodness for the children I teach-they are the only thing keeping me in my job at the moment. My dr has said he will sign me off with stress because of the ridiculous demands put upon us by government. I voted Tory as I truly believed in those who can work, should work. Last bloody time I ever vote for them, rest assured.

minifingerz Fri 18-Mar-16 18:56:03

How many Tories have their children at academies?

Nicky Morgan's child goes to a private school.

That tells you everything you need to know about her confidence in academies.

RufusTheReindeer Fri 18-Mar-16 18:56:07

Should clarify that i am sure that its a good idea for some schools to look at the information and decide that they want to be an acadamy

But not be forced to if they have decided that the answer is no

SuffolkNWhat Fri 18-Mar-16 18:58:14

I work in an academy. The difference being we chose to convert to a MAT that has a track record in areas such as ours. No one should be forced.

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