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Helpless31 Sun 10-Aug-14 10:17:36

Where can I get some help? I have tried gp, waiting for referral. Matt team- between a health visitor and social worker. I'm on the highest dose of antidepressants I can be prescribed. I still dread every day.
I have 3 kids. 13,9 and 6. My 6 yr old is ruining all of out lives! Awful as I feel saying it. She's suspected to have ADHD but still waiting on a diagnosis. She NEVER sleeps. Highly destructive, violent without an obvious reason. Demanding beyond anything. She's stretched my paintwork on car, pulled internal doors off completely. Attempted to hit her brother over the head from behind with solid oak stool. Luckily I got it in time! She's so extreme.
I don't know what to do while I'm waiting for help. If there is any. I really can't cope. My other children are scared and depressed, as am I! Scared for her future.i feel like I want someone to take her away. I feel desperate and so alone. My family won't have her,her dad doesn't have her. All because they can't cope with her. I understand that, but feel I have know one. Know where to turn. My poor little girl, everyone hated her and I feel so scared for her.

DottyDot Sun 10-Aug-14 16:25:08

Bumping for you as I have no direct experience but hopefully others have who can help.

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