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Avent bottles

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Weecd Sat 02-Aug-14 18:45:12

Has anyone ever had any problems with Avent
Bottles, I've had 2 bottles where the ring part at the top of the bottle has bubbled? Look like its melted in microwave.

ilovepowerhoop Sat 02-Aug-14 18:46:48

how do you sterilise them? Do you heat them in the microwave?

ThinkIveBeenHacked Sat 02-Aug-14 18:49:44

I had Avent bottles that cracked around the bottom from.microwaving (in an avent microwave steriliser).

Ive swit hed to TT.

wonderpants Sat 02-Aug-14 18:57:57

This has happened to me with microwave steam steriliser too!

Weecd Sun 03-Aug-14 08:09:49

Yes I sterilize them in microwave with the right
Amount of water and for the right amount of time I contacted Avent
And they sent 1 replacement ring even thought it was 2
That was damaged and that was it no explanation?

SweetTeaVodka Sun 03-Aug-14 11:24:57

We use Avent Natural Bottles, not had a problem microwave sterlising them, had them about a year but they only get used when DD is babysat or I'm working (breastfeeding otherwise) so they've not had particularly heavy usage.

Weecd Mon 04-Aug-14 01:24:15

It's the classic bottles I'm using . X

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