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fostercare advice needed please!

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suziearms103 Tue 15-Jul-14 08:56:33

We have two foster children aged 4 & 7 they have been with us almost a year and are very settled however my own daughter (20year old) is wanting her boyfriend to stay over at the house, hes also twenty and at uni with her. Hes got no criminal convicteds or anything however we dont have time to get an official crb check before he gets here and as he lives in london (far from us in newcastle) he would have to stay the night.
Will they have to get a hotel or would he be allowed to stay the night in the same house as the foster kids?! Any advice would be appreciated! smile

SanityClause Tue 15-Jul-14 09:01:44

Surely there is someone at the council who will give you a definitive answer?

Also, you may want to report your post to MNHQ, and ask it to be moved to the Fostering section, where you are likely to get more responses from people who know. Click on "Report" at the top right hand corner of your post.

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