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In term Holiday Fines

(2 Posts)
JuniorJustice Sat 01-Feb-14 16:45:49

Just a thought.....

Colnbrook Primary School recently suspended a six year old boy for four days his crime was to have a packet of mini cheders in his lunch box while another school (I forget which) fined the parents of three children almost a thousand pounds for taking their three children out of school for five days during term time - the only time they could have and afford a family holiday.
So I guess book your holiday during the term time then send in the cheders a few days before you leave!

jamtoast12 Sun 02-Feb-14 09:03:38

I know its crazy although I think there's a lot more to both cases! The family who got fined, only got fined the legal amount of £60 per child per parent (schools are not allowed to fine more than that) but the family refused to pay hence it went up and up. If they'd paid it on time it would have only been £360.

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