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Headache & Meditation

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blossomsmeditation Thu 09-Jan-14 20:38:39

After all the festive celebrations, my migraine kicked in again. I believe many of you have migraine or headache and sometimes it’s so irritating that even medicine couldn’t help. Though I am always a meditator, I never thought of using meditation to ease my migraine until one or two years ago. Since I realized meditation works on migraine, I’ve been doing this when I felt that the migraine is going to kick in. Even NHS suggested relaxation exercise is good for easing headache (Seven relaxation tips to help headaches - Live Well - NHS Choices)

I usually start with a breathing exercise then a visualization/imagery exercise. Every time when I breathe in, I imagine I’m breathing in a healing light ray, then I hold my breath, let the light ray get to where I feel pain. When I breathe out, I imagine the pain as black cloud which leaves my body with my breath, and I repeat this until I feel better.

The whole exercise lasts about 15 – 30 minutes, depends on how serious was my headache. It doesn’t cure my migraine but works better than the Ibuprofen on me. Hope this may help some of you too!

Happy New Year!

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