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More advice needed please re: doing a degree....

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susanb Fri 18-Jul-03 20:50:02

I'm sorry to bore everybody again with my life but once again need some advice about a big life change I'm contemplating!

Over the last couple of months I've been seriously considering doing a degree with the aim of becoming a teacher and have been accepted unconditionally at a university. I've also applied for a student loan which I've also been provisionally accepted for. I'm currently doing a boring medical secretarial job (part time and flexible) but I hate it as the work is so mundane.

Basically I've weighed up the pros and cons but simply cannot decide what is the 'best' thing to do. On the plus side my current job is completely flexible and only involves about 20 minutes of travelling to get there. It also means we know exactly what money will be coming in each month (my dp works full time as well). On the bad side, its incredibly boring and I'm very frustrated.

With regards to going to uni, I feel I would really enjoy the work and of course it could lend far better career prospects. On the bad side, we would be a bit worse off plus I would be running up a student loan, the timetable would mean I would be relying on family members to help out alot with ds (age nearly 4)and the uni is about 20 miles away so its going to be extra travelling every day plus extra travelling/book costs!!

I'm getting a headache just thinking about it, and need to make a decision soon. I'd really appreciate any advice!

kaz33 Fri 18-Jul-03 21:03:57

You are very brave to consider such a move, most people ( me included ) keep on doing jobs they hate because they are scared or lack "get up and go". It is the right decision to go to uni: Why ?

1. Because you want to.
2. You obviously require intellectual stimulation. University is wasted on the young, you will have a great time.
3. You owe it to your daughter to be a positive role model. My mother retrained as a lawyer while I was doing my a levels - I am very proud of her for that.
4. Doing something you hate eats away at your self-esteem and motivation. Doing something you enjoy/love builds it up....

You need a partner who is behind you and a supportive family - but if you explain why you want to do this I am sure they will be. Get inspired, inspire your family.

bloss Sat 19-Jul-03 11:39:15

Message withdrawn

MrsS Sat 19-Jul-03 12:18:52

Hi Susanb

I agree with everyone else. You have one life and you have to go for your dreams. I'm sure life will be harder for a while, but continue to think longer term.

A good friend of mine just gave up a very good job in finance to qualify as a teacher and is loving it. Think of the easy time you will have compared to everyone else during school holidays.

Good luck

Gumdrop Sun 20-Jul-03 18:05:10

Whenever, I need to make a big decision like this, I say to myself "How awful would I feel if I turned round in 10 yrs time, and thought if only I'd done that".

"If only" is one of the saddest phrases. You have the support of your family, and I'm sure you have the cyber support of us lot.

Does the Uni have any childcare facilites you could use?

hmb Sun 20-Jul-03 18:56:21

I've worked in a number of universities, teaching undergraduates. The best students I have worked with have been mature people who have gone out of their way to get an education. My advice would be to go for it. Gumdrop is right. Life is too short for 'If Only'.

susanb Sun 20-Jul-03 19:24:02

Thank you everybody for your positive advice. This is something I have had at the back of my mind for a long time and I've given it plenty of thought. My partner will soon be getting a half decent pay rise which means financially we should be able to cope with my student loan. However it will mean us buying another car as we'll be going in opposite directions and careful planning of childcare. I'm fortuate in that my sister lives very close by and could help with taking ds to nursery and I have 2 sets of well meaning grandparents who I'm sure will be happy to help it. Although the course doesn't start until Sept/Oct I need to make my decision pretty quickly with regards to handing in my notice for my part time job and letting the university know.

Unfortunately the uni doesn't provide childcare; it has a nursery but places are extremely hard to get. However ds is due to start his school nursery 5 mornings a week in September which will help.

Thanks once again for your encouragement.

kaz33 Sun 20-Jul-03 20:54:16

Good luck - do keep us updated on how you get on.

What degree are you going to do ? What age of children do you want to teach ?

susanb Sun 20-Jul-03 21:11:39

I want to do English with History but at the moment am not sure which age I wish to teach.

It is typical because I've just read an article in the Sunday papers about the increasing number of graduates who can't get jobs which has made me feel a little like 'am I doing the right thing?'. However these were IT, business type jobs whereas less people are going into teaching.

I just feel like its such a long term decision to make especially with having ds and keep having nightmares about ending up with a massive amount of student debt!!

I guess I should try to look more on the positive side......

floops Sun 20-Jul-03 21:58:30

Dear Susanb
I am studying for a certificate in education part time with a university (two year course). This means that I am still working and I get ten days study leave from work too. With this certificate I can teach post 16 in colleges, uni and schools. I would be able to teach health strudies as I work in the NHS. I am not sue how flexible it is to what you can teach. Hope this helps.

susanb Thu 31-Jul-03 18:53:36

Hi everybody

I have finally made the decision to go to university - can someone please reassure me that I'm not mad?!

I'm sent off most of the paperwork and all I have to do is give a month's notice for my part time job which I'm going to have to do tomorrow.

I've more or less arranged childcare as a tutor was kind enough to give me an idea of the timetable and think I've got most of the financial problems sorted in my head and all the 'what ifs?'

I'm feeling pleased but also very frightened and hoping I've made the right decision.

hmb Thu 31-Jul-03 18:55:04

You are *not* mad! Good for you! You should be very proud of yourself, and I'm sure that your family will think that you are a star.

susanb Thu 31-Jul-03 19:15:53

Thanks hmb for your quick and positive advice. How is your teaching going?

katierocket Thu 31-Jul-03 19:19:31

good on you susanb. you won't regret it.

bloss Fri 01-Aug-03 00:12:06

Message withdrawn

hmb Fri 01-Aug-03 06:33:21

Teaching is going well. I am 2/3 way through the PGCE and the school I have been doing my teaching practice in have employed me full time from September, So I am going to be bust planning lessons when I get back from our holiday. I'll get a terms sabatical to finish the work in the summer term of next year. I have enjoed it very much.

When to you start at uni?

susanb Fri 01-Aug-03 11:39:04

I start in September.

I've just this minute handed my notice in and it was alot easier than I thought it was going to be. No turning back now......!

Tortington Fri 01-Aug-03 12:02:44

congrats susan

CAM Fri 01-Aug-03 20:13:12

You have made the right decision susan, look forward to it and enjoy!

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