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Starting a business working from home - would you tell your mortgage provider?

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hollyhobbie Wed 02-Jun-10 08:54:06

Just what the title says: I'm just setting up a business baking from home, but I'm pretty sure my mortgage provider won't allow this. My husband has counselled me to just not tell them - it's going to be a pretty tiny business anyway.

I'm managing to whip myself up into a guilty feeling... what would you do?

(Just in case I disappear- I have to take my daughter to swim class, but will be back later)

hollyhobbie Wed 02-Jun-10 14:59:44


heverhoney1 Wed 02-Jun-10 15:10:39

why would you need to tell your mortgage provider? If its just you working from your house and it is ancillery to you living there then there is no change of use.

hollyhobbie Wed 02-Jun-10 15:21:30

I'm just sure that when we set the mortgage up they asked if we ran a business from home. But my business doesn't change anything about the house, except the oven will be on more!

Your words make me feel as though it's all going to be ok though - thanks!

hollyhobbie Wed 02-Jun-10 18:50:08

anyone else?

amothersplaceisinthewrong Wed 02-Jun-10 18:55:43

Would have thought it would affect your insurance rather than your mortgage.. Surely all the mortgage company wants is its money each month.

hollyhobbie Wed 02-Jun-10 19:10:20

yes, I definitely have to change the insurance. OK, unless someone comes on here saying otherwise, I feel reassured that it wouldn't be too terrible to just not mention it to the bank smile

Feelingsensitive Wed 02-Jun-10 20:58:44

I wouldn't.

hollyhobbie Thu 03-Jun-10 09:08:55


AnnaK Mon 07-Jun-10 14:37:18

Honestly, it never occurred to me when I did. I had to look at household insurance, public liablity insurance, car insurance...
Sometimes you need to inform the council but the main concern is customers visiting or delivery vans causing trouble with neighbours. You do need to tell the Inland Revenue, though, and start doing tax returns. You can claim for electricity and all sorts!

seeyoukay Sun 20-Jun-10 21:43:10

Be careful when it comes to tax and business at home address.

You can be asked to pay business rates and capital gains tax if/when you sell it if it's been used for business.

Then again if you never tell the council you won't.

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