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any work from home jobs

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liandme Thu 04-Aug-05 15:20:33

i have looked at the work from home thread and was wondering how many other work from home jobs there are as i am looking for something to fill my time while my dd is at school

Gobbledigook Thu 04-Aug-05 15:21:37

Phoenix cards.

God, I'm like a cracked record

I don't do it but a friend does and she does really well. I buy all my stuff from her for a start and even hosted a party for her - aren't I nice?!

swiperfox Thu 04-Aug-05 15:23:30

Hiya gdg - how does phoenix cards work? Is it a [arty thing? (I'm too much of a wimp to do parties!!)

Gobbledigook Thu 04-Aug-05 15:30:58

Swiper, I can't find a website but there is an email address

It's selling cards (birthday cards etc) and they also do gift wrap and ribbon, packs of invites and thank you cards. Honestly the stuff is lovely and a really good price so it's not hard to sell.

The cards are £1 each and 90p each if you order 10. Some of the card I've ordered would def have been more than that in the shops.

liandme Thu 04-Aug-05 15:45:23

has anybody tried betterware, avon, virgin vie, kleaneze,and any others i havent listed oh and ann summers

swiperfox Thu 04-Aug-05 15:47:11

Thanks gdg

liandme Thu 04-Aug-05 18:39:10


jamboure Thu 04-Aug-05 20:33:33

what are phoenix carsd it's seems to be on a lot of threads

jamboure Thu 04-Aug-05 20:34:26

have done avon before could be a nice earner if you don't order anything

littlerach Thu 04-Aug-05 20:39:50

Think they have a link in the jobs section.
Pampered Chef.

Slug2 Thu 04-Aug-05 20:58:43

I do Phoenix Trading - feel free to Cat me if you want any opinions or info on it.

Hattie05 Thu 04-Aug-05 21:27:43

I work from home for a charity. You may find small businesses who cannot afford the premises to 'house' all their staff work on this basis.

I found my job through the local paper so keep your eyes peeled.

Skribble Fri 05-Aug-05 01:05:54

I tried betterware this week, I wasn't really prepared for the amount of evenings involved. I suppose I didn't really think about it but the best time to get people in is early evening, just when i need to be at home getting the tea ready.

If you can get a round close to home and can manage a couple of hours 3/4 evenings a week plus an afternoon then its not bad I suppose. Its one of the few catalogue type things that doesn't require you to pay for anything at any point.

Steppy1 Fri 05-Aug-05 02:24:39

I know one of the Virgin Vie regional managers She has a team of around 70 (!) so does it pretty much full time (still fits around her children though !) VV products seem really good and easy to sell. Gobbledigook - I'm with you on the Phoenix cards.....

littlerach Fri 05-Aug-05 09:37:42

Skribble, our Betterware man does mornings to deliver the catalogue, then calls when he wants to deliver something. Usually pops round about 7pm with stock.

I'm sure Saintgeorge is a Betterware agent.

Skribble Fri 05-Aug-05 22:15:02

Hi littlerach, I did deliver the catalogues in the afternoon but the best time to get people in is in the evening to pick up catalogues and hopfully orders and even then you don't get everyone in the first time so that means going back. Then you have to go back with the orders and pick up payment. As I said great if you want to do a few evenings a week locally.

magnolia1 Sat 06-Aug-05 19:24:07

I do betterware and I deliver catalogues on a saturday morning. Take an hour at most to do 200, I make sure its filled in on the back saying when I will collect. Most people leave them out for collection. I collect on a tuesday. Takes about 1hr and if they are not left out I pop a note through the door asking them to leave it outside the next morning. Wednesday I just whizz round the roads Im doing and pick up any more left out. That takes 30 minutes. I place my order on a thursday and the goods get delivered the next thursday.
I phone each person to say when I will be round and this saves on having to go back several times.

All in all it takes 3 hours in total a week maybe 4 if its far from where you live. My 1st week I had £250 worth of orders and made £50 for 3 hours work!!
But last week I had £70 worth of orders so only made £14 Although the hours put in were a bit less.
Bad weeks and good weeks. Its the only thing that fits in around the kids in a way I like

Its great coz I can change the days I put out or collect catalogues to suit me and deliver when I can.

Sorry to completely ramble

HellyBelly Sun 07-Aug-05 15:20:27

liandme - I did Virgin Vie for a year and loved it as I was SAHM but also got out meeting grown ups in the evenings (I chose what days I worked). I was nervous at first but really enjoyed it.

Stopped to concentrate on childminding and web design but am doing it again for Christmas.

You can start off as a Christmas consultant (which you can start selling from the catalogue this month I believe) and then become full time if you choose to afterwards. The start up costs are good and you make it back real quick. You can also either keep everything or sell it after to make even more money!

CAT me if you would like any more info from the days I used to do it!


Skribble Mon 08-Aug-05 00:44:11

Wel magnolia you must have very short drives or good running shoes. I took 1hr to put labels on orderforms and put in catalogues. 2.5hrs to deliver 120. 1.5hrs to collect 60 and 1.5 the next night for the remaining 60. A futher trek for the "not ins" another 1hr. I got £114 orders so £22.40 for 6.5 hrs (£3.44ph) thats not counting petrol and the 20min each way to get to area or the hours prep.

I know that was my first time out and I would get faster. But I found it very demoralising. I can do 14hr shifts in the rain but chapping doors and asking for my catalogue back I don't think so. Each to their own and I'm glad it works out for some as its ideal for SAHM who are looking for a bit extra.

SaintGeorge Mon 08-Aug-05 01:11:00

Honestly Skribble, it can get better. Your speed increases dramatically when you get used to a particular route for example. I print my details on the order forms using my PC so paperwork prepared whilst I am busy doing other things - I keep a pile next to the phone so forms go in books when I am busy chatting

Also print out my call back slips with a contact number and request to leave book outside. If customers miss me on the callback they phone the order through to me.

Rounds really can pay well when established - establishing them in the first place is the hard slog.

I haven't worked for a couple of weeks because of holidays but my last order was for £480 and only involved 4.5hrs work - that's over £20 an hour.

Skribble Mon 08-Aug-05 01:49:15

I knew the area pretty well and had it all figured out before. I know I wouldn't bother with some of the house but unless i was to jog I couldn't cut more than and hour of deliveries. Out of the £114, £42 was one woman buying 6 brushes, so unless she does that every 6 weeks.

Some left brochures out but a least 50% had to go and get it which held me up. As I said I'm sure it works well for some but its not my cup of tea. I was hoping for an area orgainiser job that didn't involve me doing a run but she wants someone who does most of the areas themselves (a big distributer).

Oh well I have a job with Mars to phone about on Monday (mmmmmhhhhh!).

Skribble Mon 08-Aug-05 01:50:48

Oh I meant to say I tried to put through printer but they kept slipping so I printed labels and ordered a stamp. See I was going to give it a go. Only £12 wasted .

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