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nightmares about work and nursery

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donnacb Wed 03-Aug-05 14:25:30

Hi evryone Im starting to have nightmares about my ds going to nursery in three weeks time ( woke up in tears the other am). He has allergies and he is still breast feeding alot ( hes coming up 9months but was 2 months early) hes been ill so all routine is out. hes stopped drinking from a cup arghh any help encouragement greatfully recieved cheers donnaxxx oh hes just woken up

Bramshott Wed 10-Aug-05 22:14:02

Hi Donnacb. I'm sure it will be better than you think and will all settle down. My DD was 7 weeks early too, and I used to worry about her a lot, especially when she started nursery. But now she's 2.5, running around and chatting madly, and we hardly even think about it. Big steps like going back to work / nursery are always worse in theory than in practice - just remember that you can always change things further down the line if it doesn't work out well for you and your DS. Good luck!

donnacb Mon 15-Aug-05 22:30:06

Thanks bramshott. Am taking it in my stride. like you say if it doesnt work something will have to change. May be down scale gouse move to cheap area reduce mortgage. ah well see. thanks for the encouragement.

edam Mon 15-Aug-05 22:34:20

Donnach, you've got particular reasons to worry, but I think everyone panics before going back to work. I hated leaving ds. But he's been absolutely fine in nursery, he really has. It's been brilliant for his development. Just make sure nursery have thought through how they handle his allergies and how they make sure all staff are aware of them and what steps need to be taken, including supply staff. My nursery keeps info about food allergies, for instance, on notices inside the doors of the cupboard where the plates and cups are stored, so the information is kept confidential but safety is maintained (although personally wouldn't have a problem with them putting up a giant poster that everyone could see but hey ho, guess Ofsted has some reason for this).

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