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Self-employed at moment need to go back to work!!!

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Chickyboo Sat 30-Jul-05 09:30:06

Dd is 1 and I have been working from home since she was 1mth old, but now that she has become more demanding and also sleeps less its hard to do clients (I'm a hairdresser). I am also at university full time so don't really have a big clientele...
Anyway I'm thinking of going back to work a couple of days a week but will obviously need to pay for childcare. Does WTC actually help to pay for childcare...also what happens if you are self-employed and need to claim WTC?

Sorry for the waffle

Chickyboo Sat 30-Jul-05 10:32:54


megandsoph Sat 30-Jul-05 11:12:26

yup as long as u are working over 16 hrs a week then u can claim WTC/CCTC. I am self employed all you have to do is give them an estemate of how much u think u will earn from now until next april and tell them and they will sort it out for you. If you don't earn this much by april just tell them and they will reamberuse (sp?) you what you are owed

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