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Leaving job and going freelance - thanks for the advice!

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Rubineski Wed 27-Jul-05 13:34:35

Just wanted to post a thank you to those who gave me advice (last year, I think it was!) about going freelance. After lots of dithering I finally took the plunge.
I'd returned to work 15 month after having DS. They were very supportive and offered lots of flexible working, working from home, part-time etc. But I knew it wasn't right for me and I still wanted to spend more time with DS.
So I chucked it all in and started freelancing (writing, marketing, that kind of thing). Most people at work thought I was mad.
And can't say I've earned a fortune but the roof is still over our head and the wolves are down the road a bit and certainly not even in the front garden, let alone at the front door.
So thanks again. And if anyone else is thinking about it, I wish you all the best. The tips I had were great. And most of all, just hearing from other mums who'd made the break was just the push I needed.

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