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I've got a job!!!

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CiaoLeoCiaoOllie Thu 14-Jul-05 17:13:24

I was in my local town centre this afternoon and remembered a cobblers/dry cleaners had a vacancy in the window a few weeks back for a part-timer but then the next day it had come out of the window so I assumed they found someone, but today I went in on the off-chance they still had the vacancy and they have, and I'm starting on Monday!!! It's a very small shop in a small town/village so there is only the owner who works there - and then on monday there will be me too! Its 10 hrs per week, Monday 10 - 3, then another day the same hours, but I forgot the other day he said! I am thinking of getting another job on 2 other days doing more shop work or something - will this be easy to find do u think?

mandymoo Fri 15-Jul-05 21:21:02

Good for you!! Not sure how easy it would be to find another job to fit in with this one but its always worth asking/looking around for something. YOu must feel pretty chuffed and with very good reason. Well done - you used some initiative and it paid off! I got myself a new pt job and starting on Wednesday - i will be thinking of you on Monday GOOD LUCK XX

CiaoLeoCiaoOllie Sat 16-Jul-05 12:34:57

Well done to u too MandyMoo!!! I will be thinking of u on Wednesday! Good luck to both of us!!!

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