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anyone know anything about housing legislation and case law?

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anorak Fri 08-Jul-05 12:03:53

I'm planning to apply for a job with a housing trust. I have lots of experience of letting and property development but one of the job requirements listed is a knowledge of current housing legislation and case law as it relates to housing management and lettings. I'm not up on this as I always ran my lettings bed and breakfast style, and anyway I've been out of the workplace for five years now.

Can anyone point me at a website or book that will contain the information I need? I plan to learn this legislation between now and (hopefully) an interview. TIA

anorak Fri 08-Jul-05 12:55:37


Magscat Fri 08-Jul-05 13:30:22

Hi Anorak. I work for a Housing Association (in a Corporate team that deals with Policy, Customer Service, Improvements etc...). I'd try:

National Housing Federation

shelter - section on case law

ODPM - Government Legislation

I'd say one of the hottest legal housing-realted issues at the moment is Anti Social Behaviour law. New Act this year or last year that's having quite an impact on tenancy issues - e.g. HAs can apply for an ASBO & 'demote' a tenancy from Secure to Assured or Assured to Assured SHorthold - giving tenants who comit ASB less security in their tenancy.

If you want any specifics, post back & I'll see what I can find.

anorak Fri 08-Jul-05 13:40:40

Thank you magscat. I'll definitely check those out.

Mercedes Fri 08-Jul-05 14:10:46

You could also try a magazine called Inside Housing - it's got a website. This is the weekly housing mag with lots of articles.

The Chartered Institute of Housing may also be useful.

Sorry can't do web site links but I know you can google them

Magscat Fri 08-Jul-05 14:12:02

Good point Mercedes - I get Inside Housing every week - should have thought of that !!

anorak Fri 08-Jul-05 14:37:32

Thanks mercedes.

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