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"redundants anonymous"

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nightowl Wed 06-Jul-05 00:54:42

yes im starting to develop an irrational fear of this. ive been made redundant again, would you believe. twice in a year. im very peed off. please cheer me up???

Chandra Wed 06-Jul-05 01:05:54

NOt much that I can say here as I am a very experienced unemployed . I have to go to sleep now but I just wanted to say that I hope you feel better about it soon and who knows things always happen for a good reason which means that maybe there's something better coming to you, who knows, a better job or probably something that you may enjoy more.

throckenholt Wed 06-Jul-05 07:53:04

what is your field ? I am in higher education one of my part-time jobs is due to be made redundant in September - not a nice feeling.

Fio2 Wed 06-Jul-05 08:02:41

my husband was made redundant twice in ayear too. Was an awful time, it is still at the back of his mind it will happen again, even though the redundancies were firstly for a company closure and second one was because he requested it. Always at the back of your mind though that it will happen again

sorry to be so bleak, just wanted to let you know i know how you feel

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