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Got Interview Today

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AnnaInManchester Mon 04-Jul-05 08:28:55

I have an interview today and am fairly confident about it. It is for a sales role, but when they ask the question 'what are your weaknesses', I never know what to say. Any ideas?

snafu Mon 04-Jul-05 08:30:37

How did your date go?

Iklboo Mon 04-Jul-05 08:45:24

I was told by an agency last year to say one of my weaknesses was "I want to try and take as much on as I can. While it doesn't affect the work I do, I can sometimes find it difficult to say no. I always get things done on time and in priority, but I'm aware it can sometime ruffle colleagues who are happy to take on just enough to get through the day".
Sounds like a load of bull really, but it worked!

AnnaInManchester Mon 04-Jul-05 11:39:43

Hi Snafu and Iklboo! Thanks for your advice Iklboo - interview went well, he will let me know by 12 midday tomorrow if I have got it but he said he has 6 other ppl to see!

Snafu - I'm going to reply r.e. my date on relationships!

Iklboo Mon 04-Jul-05 13:31:06

Fingers crossed Anna - hope you get the job!

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