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Dreading leaving my ds at nursery for first time!

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dinny Sun 03-Jul-05 20:31:29

Love the nursery, dd goes there....just dreading the separation. He'll be 11 months and it's for two days a week only but they are SUCH long days. And he's only a baby....
Anyone help me steel myself? Thanks!

bambino1 Sun 03-Jul-05 21:55:47

After leaving my little one for around two weeks she didn't even noticed I'd gone. I started leaving her a six months. She loves it and it is so good for her to interact with others.

hunkermunker Sun 03-Jul-05 22:05:11

Nothing helpful on the leaving DS front, but will be on hand to sob over a coffee at work with you on Wednesdays

Has he done any trial days? xxxxxx

dinny Mon 04-Jul-05 08:10:21

thanks, Bambino
Humker - no, he starts settling next week probably.

minicommandant Wed 06-Jul-05 20:42:12

Just think about the fantastic sxcited smile and desperate bouncing/arms waving you'll get when you get back after work because they're SOOO pleased to see you. Makes me feel better at low points anyway. Also, I find the separation bit much harder if I've been the person doing the drop-off at nursery, so for the first few weeks, if I needed to be really together early in the working day for a big meeting or whatever, I tried to arrange it so dh could drop him of at nursery. I know you know this from dd, but IT DOES GET EASIER!!!

dinny Wed 06-Jul-05 20:43:48

Hi, Minicommandant - thanks for your post! DH will be dropping dd and ds off every day anyway (I will be leaving for work before either are awake - hopefully!). Think that may make it a bit easier....well, I hope.

lockets Wed 06-Jul-05 20:46:02

Message withdrawn

Thomcat Wed 06-Jul-05 20:48:51

I dreaded it too, I think we all do, it's horrid, but Lottie just siad 'bye b ye mummy', kissed me that got on with playing with the lego!
I was gutted, she was supposed to wail for me! But seriously, it was fab, she was having a great time, loving being independent and as much as I sibbed it felt good. It's great for them to be awsay from mummy and it's fab when they come home and they do something new and you realise they've picked it up from nursery.
Lots of love to you at the mo but it'll be all good, TC x

dinny Wed 06-Jul-05 20:51:33

oh, thanks so much Lockets and Thomcat - it just seems such a long day for him at this age. But think he will probably like it (more than dd did at first - she took a long time to settle, was awful).

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