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Anyone sucessfully running a business in Holistic Massage or Beauty????

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ImALady1 Wed 29-Jun-05 20:41:43

Ds now 15 months old s I thought right I might as well put my massage skills to use. I am qualified and Insured Complementary Therapist in Holistic Massage Indian Head Massage and soon to also be a Yoga Teacher. I have found a lovely therapists room to rent one day a week in a beauty and complementary complex, but we have to find our own customers.
I printed off leaflets and handed out over two weeks ago no-one has called at all. Each leaflet contained a business card and a coupon to get a good discount on the first two treatments. I am printing off another 100 but need to promote myself more. Anyone successfully doing this? How did you get started? What things did you do to promote yourself? Any help would be great before I loose any self asteem and drive .

colette Wed 29-Jun-05 20:49:52

About 15 years ago when I was a beauty therapist I got a local hairdresser to hand out leaflets to their clients.
You can offer to promote their business in return maybe even do a few treatments for free on their staff so that they can actually say they would personally reccommend you. Hth Don't give up it is vey hard at the beginning.

ImALady1 Thu 30-Jun-05 13:12:14

Thanks for the idea colette, I will speak to my hairdresser to see if she will let me have a corner of her salon where I can offer free hand massages or something while they are waiting. I am trying not to be down hearted but you lack a little confidence when you are at home with your kids for a while. But will soldier!

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