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Cooperoo or mckenzie RE Usborne

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anniebear Fri 24-Jun-05 17:01:34

sent my forms off today

Thanks for the info you posted

If you have any other advice or info for me it will be very gratefully received!

Do you know of anywere were you can maybe buy some Usborne books cheaper to put into your stock to show people?


mckenzie Fri 24-Jun-05 17:07:14

hi anniebear

keep a look out at large garden centre type places for cheaper books but I think you'll need to be careful as officially you cant do it that way. When I asked Usborne how these books were being sold so cheaply they told me that the paper and print quality was inferior. No idea whether I was being fobbed off or not but I think they tend to have big stickers on them which might be difficut to remove anyway.

Who is your upline? A great way to start woulds be to try and get a stall at your loca;l school fete, ask your upline (or even her upline) to lend you some stock and maybe even come and show you the ropes and you should get some great orders, use the commission to build up your stock and away you go.

Good luck by the way.

lunachic Fri 24-Jun-05 17:09:45

am thing about usbourne but not sure about it
sorry for thread hijack but i would be interested to know experiences

mckenzie Fri 24-Jun-05 17:21:38

check out Anniebear's thread from the other day lunachic.

lunachic Fri 24-Jun-05 17:22:44

ok thanks

anniebear Sat 25-Jun-05 18:59:42

I wasnt going to sell them on just have them in my stock. I have a few of my childrens that I will also use


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