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Any Betterware workers?

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Skribble Thu 16-Jun-05 22:22:25

Any tips, hints, experiences etc. I have to phone the regional advisor back tomorrow as I am interested working for them.

JulieF Thu 16-Jun-05 22:51:05

I did it when I was a student as a bit of pocket money. I was pleasantly surprised. I got on average about £30 per week from it, more in the lead up to xmas, less in the summer.

I did it during the evenings and weekends to fit in with my studies but found evenings the best time to collect anyway.

The main pain was never getting all the catalogues back so my next round was shorter but at least you don't have to pay for them, I was always asking my co-ordinator for more!!!

There are people who earn more from it but they put more hours in.

SaintGeorge Thu 16-Jun-05 23:34:56

Keep very careful territory records.
If anyone tells you they don't want books make sure you don't drop there again - annoy them and they bad mouth you to the neighbours.

If you don't get books back from any house for 2-3 consecutive campaigns, stop posting books there.

You can put the books in bags if you want to minimise weather damage but I find more people ignore the book that way so I don't bother.

Loads more stuff I could tell you but haven't the time now unfortunately. If you do go ahead trying a round, feel free to email me for more stuff.
antlxstew @ (remove spaces)

Skribble Fri 17-Jun-05 23:40:20

Thanks Julie I'm trying to get as much info as possible before I contact her. Thanks again StGeorge. The practical tips are much appreciated.

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