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SandyChick Sun 01-Nov-09 23:21:10

Hello, does anyone work for a temping agency/do temp work?

Im a SAHM and have been for almost 3 years. Im looking to go back to work in the new year. From what i can make out temp work seems ideal. My parents are going to help out with childcare so working maybe 8 weeks then having a break etc seems ideal - too good to be true really.

I have admin/cust service experience. I dont want to go back to a 'career'. I just want to be able to boost our family income but still be the main carer for ds.

Also, we are thinking of trying for another dc. Can you still do temp work whilst pregnant?

TIA grin

lindsaygii Mon 02-Nov-09 22:45:38

Once you are temping you have normal employment rights these days. Temps used to get screwed over by their agency as a matter of course, but they aren't allowed to anymore.

When you go to register they will test you on basic stuff like typing speed, word processing/ spreadsheet skills, and admin stuff. What you get in these tests will determine what assignments you can get, and how much you are paid.

SO - brush up before you go.

I warn you though, there was a real shortage of temp work at the start of the year. Things may be picking up now (I don't know) but I've got loads of years work behind me, and plenty of temping, and I couldn't get any for love nor money this Jan-April.

You can temp while pregnant, usual employment rules apply.

Good luck.

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