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How Do I Increase My Income Without It all Going On Childcare?

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colette Wed 15-Jun-05 16:30:18

I am in a bit of a dilemma , dh is s/emp and business is nose-diving. However if I was working most if not all would go on childcare .
I have just been on the inland revenue website and it is really depressing . I can't work evenings as he is not home until I am just about to go to bed. Has anyone found a job where they could work from home without a big start fee? or even take ds ? I know it is all a bit far fetched but I am getting quite worried. Or a term time job so I would only have to pay childcare for one(dd is at school). I have looked at teaching assistant but they are all quite far away and I don't have a car and it pays about £5.00 per hr ds on his own would cost about £3 an hour.
Previously I worked in a bank, and a long time ago was a beauty therapist . I know it is a long shot but I thought there must be others in this situation.
Thanks for listening

lunavix Wed 15-Jun-05 16:33:43

Work in the evenings, work from home, or find a REALLY well paid job!

Get a job in a nursery or preschool and negotiate ds for free!

SaintGeorge Wed 15-Jun-05 16:34:20

Make enquiries with the IR Tax Credit telephone helpline rather than the website, they might be more forthcoming on what you might get. Unless you have a large income you should be able to claim upto 70% of childcare costs (upto certain limits).

You can always try putting hypothetical figures into the website on the 'do I qualify' section.

bambino1 Wed 15-Jun-05 16:34:32

If your working more than 16 hrs a week the goverement pay I think its 70% of your childcare costs. Have you looked into childminders who could have your child who goes to school out of term time?

lunavix Wed 15-Jun-05 16:35:59

What area do you live in? will help pinpoint childcare for you

HellyBelly Wed 15-Jun-05 17:07:47

Or become a childminder yourself if you think you could handle other people's kids?

colette Wed 15-Jun-05 17:36:58

Thanks for your replies, I have looked at the i r website and found that sometimes the figures differ ie: if I put in our income details as at present it does not give us the amount that we are receiving now!
Also even though I would get some payment towards the childcare our taxcredit would also decrease . One scenario I tried meant that if I worked about 18 hours a week I would be £10 a week better off
St George I have found them really helpful on the phone, and may phone up again because I am sure we are just above the limit on various things iykwim. Thanks for the website Lunavix I will check it out when ds gets off my lap. Hb I have considered it but actually miss adult company and as we are in a 4th floor flat so I don't know if it would pass the requirements .

SaintGeorge Wed 15-Jun-05 17:42:29

Re the website colette - don't forget the figures it quotes are for the year upto the tax year end.

I've just put my details in. I divided the figure it quoted by 10 (Jun-Mar) as I haven't had Junes payment yet. The answer was only 23p off what we actually get each month.

colette Wed 15-Jun-05 17:44:41

I see thanks that makes sense and means I can try different scenarios.

HellyBelly Wed 15-Jun-05 17:55:16

Can understand about the adult company!

I used to love it when I was in party plan (Virgin Vie) as I got to be the old me (not mum) in the evenings. Actually, that's made me think of something. You said about your own business with small start up costs. I know some people who do really well out of the Kleeneze catalogues. Just a thought!

hercules Wed 15-Jun-05 17:56:38

what about working nights? We do this and have no childcare costs.

SaintGeorge Wed 15-Jun-05 17:58:26

If you want to do catalogue type work I would suggest Betterware rather than Kleeneze.

Kleeneze charge you set up costs and ongoing costs for books etc. Betterware don't.

colette Wed 15-Jun-05 18:04:02

Thanks again for the replies. Will look into bettware
. Hercules what do you work as? How do you cope with the next day?

hercules Wed 15-Jun-05 18:05:22

I'm a teacher but dh works nights as a manager in a supermarket. It is difficult but we manage, just.

There is no way we could survive with two kids otherwise.

Xena Wed 15-Jun-05 18:07:54

Colette someone else has already mentioned it but my sister works for a day nursery and she takes her DD with her for free.

colette Wed 15-Jun-05 18:12:34

Hercules one way to not fall out with dhIt must be hard. My dad worked nights sometimes and in the summer used to sleep in the shed at the bottom of the garden to get peace from us 4 kids.
Does anyone know of any jobs where you get subsidised childcare? Without having to work in a nursery. I had thought I could manage to look after some old folk in their homes cooking and cleaning etc. but I don't think I would be allowed to bring ds even though I am sure he would be very sociable and cheer them up.I am clutching at staws once again.

colette Wed 15-Jun-05 18:13:46

Xena if it was free, I would consider it plus I suppose ds would enjoy the company. Thanks

colette Wed 15-Jun-05 20:41:35

Any evening comments ?

hana Wed 15-Jun-05 20:46:30

what about phoenix cards? ( another party plan sort of thing) or mini iq or virgin/pampered chef/ etc etc? The cards are brilliant and v cheap, I think the commision is fairly high as well

Gillian76 Wed 15-Jun-05 20:51:04

Phoenix is only £45 to join. I did recently and am doing it on a very part time basis. The cards are brilliant. Commission is about 30%. Depends on how many people you know and if there's anyone else doing it near you.

colette Wed 15-Jun-05 20:52:36

Thanks , Do they have a website?

Gillian76 Wed 15-Jun-05 20:54:49

Yes it's If you are interested, I have an info pack here I can send you. CAT me if you'd like it

colette Wed 15-Jun-05 21:00:18

Thanks I will look at the website first. cheers

Skribble Wed 15-Jun-05 23:51:09

Some companies offer child care vouchers don't know how much it pays for though.

I have the school holidays approaching and although I will be dropping to two 3/4 days from 4 I'm not sure what I will do if MIL books the last minute holiday she is talking about. She says she is quite happy the rest of the time.

Thankfully I work flexable hours and the place is open 24hrs so I may have to go in v. early and get back for DH to leave for work, he can go in late too a few days.

Betterware sounds promising I have just left my details and I am waiting for a reply, in the holidays DD can go with you when you drop off and pick up your brochures. Party plans seems to be mostly evenings which wouldn't work for me either as DH often has to work evenings at short notice.

colette Thu 16-Jun-05 08:18:58

Thanks scribble what sort of company do you work for that sounds ideal- except for covering mil holidays .

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