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anyone a full time parent AND work evenings and weekends

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Monstermomi Thu 29-Oct-09 23:27:58

how do you cope?

I will be returning to work soon and will have 3 children under 4 to look after in the day (though dd1 will be going to preschool in the morning). I have a job where I can do the 15-20 hours work at night.

Looking after 3 is so tiring that, at the moment, when they go to sleep, I immediately kick off my shoes and relax. when I start work I won't be able to do this.

Childcare isn't an option since the salary won't cover childcare costs.

Does anyone else have a similar arrangement and does it work for you?

ShinyAndNew Thu 29-Oct-09 23:37:59

How many nights will you be working and untill what time?

I used to work four nights a week, untill about 12/1am. I didn't cope. I was constantly ill and the house was a tip.

I now do two nights and three afternoons <11:30am till 1:45pm and 5:30pm untill 11:30pm>

I cope just fine. I don't dread going to work and it's easy enough to manage the house work.

I'd say anything more than three nights and later than midnight will be too much.

Monstermomi Thu 29-Oct-09 23:41:16

I was thinking 8-11pm 3 nights a week, then make the rest up on the weekend when DH can babysit.

I can't do daytimes but might be able to squeeze in an hour at lunchtime.

i'm dreading going to work and wonder how/if I'll cope.

dontrunwithscissors Fri 30-Oct-09 14:04:12

I do a fair amount of work on a weekend/night (although I work full time - I try to keep childcare hours to a minimum and make up time elsewhere.)

I hand DD over to my DH as soon as he walks through the door, and then work until 9pm (so 5.30-9pm), Monday -Thursday. I also do a full day on a Saturday. That makes a maximum of 22 hours per week. Admittedly I don't always do this, and I only have one child. (I'm a lecturer, so it tends to be term time only when it's very busy.) Looking after 4 does sound like a real challenge. Will you be able to do this work at home, or will you actually have to go out somewhere?

Anifrangapani Fri 30-Oct-09 14:14:27

I work full time and then have the kid responsability while Dh works in the evening and at weekends. It is doable but house keeping is a bit slack and the kids (4&7 now but started when I when back to work when youngest was 6mo) are expected ro help out ( empty dishwasher, make own lunches, get own breakfast, keep rooms tidy etc). Homework is done while dinner is being cooked and I have an ironing lady.

Our house is not hugely tidy but they haven't died from the dirt yet.

pandaiis Fri 30-Oct-09 14:29:21

I did it for a year, 4/5 nights a week 6-11pm, and found it hard to cope tbh.

I'm now at uni full-time, work two night shifts at weekends and find it so much easier. Poss because I have more help from my parents rather than just dp and I don't give a monkies about the state of the house anymore.

You'll find through experience what working arrangements suit you and your family.

Monstermomi Fri 30-Oct-09 21:21:41

anifrang, grin at 'they haven't died from the dirt yet'.

pandalis, uni full time AND working 2 night shifts sounds even tougher than your 4/5 nights a week. glad you find it easier.

dontrunwithscissors, I will be working from home.

i'm looking at all my options.

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