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Christmas office parties and childcare

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redblue Thu 29-Oct-09 13:54:48

On return from maternity would you intend to go to your christmas office party or try to get out of it using childcare issues as an excuse? Is your office having a party this year or cancelling due to credit crunch etc. Do you enjoy the christmas bash or loathe it? just wondered what other people's experiences are (although end of Oct may be too early if your office has not made plans)

Tortington Thu 29-Oct-09 14:01:10

i hate the xmas do and the secret santa faux pas that i invariably make. I have a choice of which departmental ones to attend. my boss made it clear one year that in the name of 'team spirit' i should make an effort - as i hadn't done the previous years.

i agree with him as it happens. besides i owe a collegue an under the table 1/2 bottle of vodka - as she shared hers last year.

spookyrookie Sat 31-Oct-09 20:46:59

Christmas Work night outs are crap but I do think unless it is absolutely impossible to attend you should go otherwise you will be labelled as boring kill joy.

My ploy is to use child care as an excuse to leave early.

This year we are having a late lunch rather than a hideous hotel meal and disco so I'm actually rather looking forward to it.

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