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I don't know what decision to i stay in current job or take new one...decisions decisions..can you help me please

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sparklyprincess1 Fri 23-Oct-09 09:16:14

I've got a work dilemma at the moment and am just going round in circles.

I'll explain quickly...

I've just returned to work after taking a year off with my first DD. I have a long commute...about 1 hr 45mins/ 2hrs each returning full time wasnt an option as i couldn't manage to fulfill the amount of hours as i have to drop DD at nursery (my DH picks up as he finishes earlier...but also does regular travel overseas so i have to be around occasionally to drop off and pick up).

So i've sorted out going back part time 3 days a week, but I find the commute pretty hard and worry about being so far way from DD in case there are any probs at nursery. But i balance this with thinking that I get 4 full days with DD.

The pay is okay and with my P/T salary and DH salary we can manage but won't be able to do any hols etc...

My current company offer good benefits and I got 6 months full pay on maternity leave.

However, i have been offered a full time job closer to home...about half an hour away. Money is similar to my previous full time, but the benefits aren't as good...i think they only offer 6 weeks full pay maternity and then nothing.
But working full time would give us some extra cash to save...although we'd have to save up quite a bit if i wanted to say take 9 months with next baby-We are hoping to start trying next summer for our next baby.

But thinking longer term, it would be much easier to return to work after 2nd baby if it was somewhere more local.

But then the challenges of starting a new job at quite a senior level can be pretty heavy.

Is it better to stay with what I know for now...or move on soon.

Ah sorry for long post...just don't know what to do for the best

Would appreciate any advice/thoughts

madhairgirl Fri 23-Oct-09 09:27:51

I think if is considerably nearer that would be really good, and if it makes your life easier than it is worth changing. You also never know what might happen in the future as you might manage to change jobs again to one with better benefits before you try for another baby. 6 months on full pay, I wish I had had that. I think though that if a company isn't paying proper maternity leave then there is a maternity allownace that you can get, which isn't like full pay but is better than nothing.

morleylass Fri 23-Oct-09 16:46:14

It would be great being closer to home so long as you are happy giving up the extra time off with your DD go for it. Remember though that you will have the rushing around 5 days a week rather than three - I'm not sure I would want to give up my day off.
Mind you if you conceive quite quickly then it would be a lot easier getting part time after having a baby.
If you don't change, could you consider moving your DD near your work place, then you would have less time apart and would be nearer her should she need you.
Good luck with your decision
ML x

sparklyprincess1 Mon 26-Oct-09 17:36:07

Thanks for your views on this.
I think i'd find it hard to go back full time, but think i'd be a lots less stressed if I was closer to home...and it seems the most sensible option in the long run.

Just a bit scared about taking on a new job and the challenges that go with it i guess.

At least i've got an option at the moment!

Why is nothing ever straightforward

WideWebWitch Tue 27-Oct-09 21:14:07

I'd go for ft nearer home. 2 hours each way is a LONG way (I've done 2.5 each way, it's hard)

So in your position I'd take the closer job.

And consider what your longer term plan is. So if you want to go pt in a year, prove yourself then put in the request.

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