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Please help me write a letter to my employer!

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cinnamonbun Tue 20-Oct-09 12:52:03

I'm planning to go back to work early next year and I'm trying to write my boss a letter asking for flexible working hours, i.e. working two full days at the office (per week) and one full day at home. But I just can't figure out how to start the letter and what else I should include. It's really important to me that I get to work part-time as my DC will be very young when going to nursery. I'd be so grateful if anyone could help me out!

flowerybeanbag Tue 20-Oct-09 12:59:53

This is a helpful factsheet all about flexible working, including procedures to follow and ideas for putting forward a successful proposal.

If you are proposing to reduce your days from 5 to 3, make sure your proposal outlines how that will work. That's quite a reduction in hours, you need to be clear whether you are asking them to find a job share, or how exactly you will either be able to complete your duties in less time or reduce your duties appropriately.

If you want to work one day from home make sure you make it clear that your DC will still be in nursery for that day (I assume that's the case), as if they think you will be trying to work a full day as well as taking care of a baby they are likely to refuse the request.

The factsheet I linked to also outlines some of the potential benefits to your employer of flexible working. Make sure you emphasise those. It needs to be clear to them why this is going to be a good thing for them.

Try to think of any potential objections they might have and make sure you have addressed these with positive solutions.

cinnamonbun Tue 20-Oct-09 13:45:34

Thank you flowerybeanbag, that's very hekpful, just the kind of thing I was looking for!

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