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Parent Support Adviser/Family Liaison

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pageturner Mon 19-Oct-09 13:02:49

I am in the middle of applying for a job as a Parent Support Adviser (also known as family liaison elsewhere) and wondered if anyone had any experience of these jobs they might like to share. I've been out of the workplace for a long time having children, but this role sounds really interesting, and it is also the Holy Grail of jobs: part-time, term-time only and well-paid. I really want to give it my best shot.

Thanks in advance.

Drooper Mon 19-Oct-09 19:57:15


In our area, the PFSA's do work with younger children and families. They will give advice with issues such as behaviour, sleep problems,toilet training, homework issues...
The list is quite long.

They are a really good link between school and home. Especially for some of those issues that are more of a problem at home than school. Also are a really good ear for parents if they are having a tough time.

What is the job description like?

nymphadora Mon 19-Oct-09 20:16:39

In my area they are based out of secondary schools!

pageturner Mon 19-Oct-09 22:51:40

Oooh, interesting mix there! smile The learning community that it is working for consists of 11 primary schools, one secondary, one special school and one children's centre. The job description is all about supporting parents to achieve best educational outcomes, dealing with behaviour issues as they relate to the educational environment, and generally bringing together guidance, advice, information and training to achive best possible outcomes. It's a very jargon based JD and it (understandably) is trying to cover everything that you might come across in the role, but I was wondering what the reality of the day-to-day job is like. I mean, I'm not a teacher or a social worker (they're not requiring those skills/experience), so I'm wondering what sort of thing they would really be expecting me to deal with and just how far involved with a family and their issues might I get all on my own.

nymphadora Tue 20-Oct-09 07:38:50

I am not entirely clear on what oursdo as I am in a different team and they aren't office based. I know they take cases that fall outside education welfare & social care. They run parenting classes and are involved/chair in multi agency support team meetings.

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