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What could I do next?

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RubyBooBerry Wed 14-Oct-09 21:07:36

I started work at 18 as a barmaid.
Then in a garage reception.
Then I was a Holiday Rep
Then I was head rep (bad move, I don't like being in charge of people)
Then I was a Wedding Rep
Then I was Assistant Manager in Thomas Cook (bad move again!!)
On maternity leave for a year, then became self employed travel agent from home doing the odd mystery shop. Working from home is ideal if your kids are at school, but as mine are 3 and 18 months it's very hard to concentrate.

Now I need a change and I don't know what to do! I can't be in the holiday industry anymore (and DH won't let me apply for cabin crew, which would have completed the entire range of holiday jobs!)

I have GCSE's & A levels but nowt else, I went to art college but didn't understand "drawing a savage paperclip" but I did enjoy the theory and studying old masters.
I'm extremely arty, would have loved to do illustration but there's big competition for that isn't there?

Am I just shite at thinking what I should do!? Should I stay being a mystery shopper ??grin

I like the idea of a savage paperclip, but that doesn't help you much.

From your list it seems that you enjoy working with people, but not managing people and that you are good at organising both people and events.
So maybe try to find jobs that use those skills.

What springs to mind are...

Events organising, party planning or similar?
A personal assistant role or support role to a businessperson.
Human resources
Recruitment consultant
Arts administration, working in a gallery for something a bit artsy.

I expect some of those would involve a bit of retraining so you would need to decide if that is something you are happy to do or not.

dollyparting Thu 15-Oct-09 13:56:53

Getting a job in a gallery can be really difficult - there are lots of arts graduate who take crap jobs in galleries because it is better than nothing.

Do you want to do something that is actually creative yourself, or do you want to be in a more creative environment?

If you want to make a start in creative activity then have you considered voluntary work to build up your portfolio?

My friend's son offered to help out a local charity in their fundraising department - he did art work for posters, designed tickets for a fundraising ball and did some illustration work for their website. He got great experience, did most of his work at home in the evenings, and when he did apply for a paid job he got a great reference and had a portfolio of practical work that he could show.

It took him about a year to get a paid job, but he said it kept him interested in design and was better experience than just working in the local garage (which was what he did to earn some money).

Alternatively, could you do something as a freelance administrator e.g. lots of bistro-type restaurants display the works of local artists on their walls and sell them to customers. Could you set up something like this locally where you would liaise between the artists and the restaurants, and get a commission for everything that gets sold?

RubyBooBerry Thu 15-Oct-09 20:14:26

Hey great ideas!! Thank you very much, very very appreciated!

(I really like the idea of the local bistro (could even pop me own stuff on the wall lol))

I forgot to mention that I had been an Ann Summers rep at one point too, so party planning is def my thing.

I was thinking about retraining into something totally different like nursing, but it's the getting people to do as they're told that I am shit at! smile

I am def going to look into your suggestions, thank you again x

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