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Would I be mad to apply for this job: interview a month after due date...

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Catz Mon 12-Oct-09 16:16:07

I've just been forwarded an advert for a job that does look v interesting (though definitely full time and not sure I want that). The timetable is set out in the particulars and it falls right in the middle of when I'll have a newborn. I'm not sure whether to apply.

They'll let shortlisted candidates know 3 days before my due date and interviews will be 5 wks after the due date so I'll probably have a 3-5 wk old (hopefully bf) baby if I get an interview. It's a professional job and I've been for (and had) similar posts before - the interview would probably be all day with two panel interviews (8ish people) and would require me to prepare a presentation (would only know details if invited for interview) and answer detailed professional questions. I.e I'd have to do quite a lot of work for it. Oh and the interview is just after New Year so I'd have birth, newborn, Christmas, visitors, sleep deprivation etc. Part of me thinks I should just go for it and see what happens. The other part thinks it'd make that first month horribly stressful and I'd certainly not be at my best which could be damaging for the future- I don't want to leave a negative impression as other jobs will probably come up there further down the line.

Please tell me what to do - sorting out newborn clothes seems to be the limit of my mental capacity at the moment!

LowLevelWhingeing Mon 12-Oct-09 16:19:55

If you want the job, go for it with a view to constantly reassessing if it's right for you, i.e. you can back out at any time between now and actually getting the job.

One step at a time?

Good luck!

joannaspanner74 Mon 12-Oct-09 16:25:48

Depends how bad you want the job and how likeley/unlikely another similar one will come up further down the line.
Remembering the first few foggy weeks of having a new baby, the last thing on my mind would have been a full on intensive interview. However, if you are pretty into your career and planned to go back to work anyway, then why not. Better to apply and then pull out of the interview if you don't feel up to it nearer the time than not to apply and spend the next few months wondering if you would have got an interview and whether you would have got the job.
I guess some people like to have something other than motherhood/baby to focus on. You may also find by starting the process of applying will make your mind up for you ie you either get really fired up about the job and how you think you are the right person for it OR you think hang on, what the hell am I doing applying for this!
Hope this helps.

Blu Mon 12-Oct-09 16:31:36

I would have been able to manage an interview / presentation when DS was 4 weeks, as long as someone came with me and looked after him outside, and that they would allow you to bring the baby in and bf during interviews if necessary.

Which would certainly sort sheep from goats in baby-freindly employers - something you will need!

(I bf DS during two AGMs!)

Chaotica Mon 12-Oct-09 16:33:53

Go for it. I did an interview for an important job with a 10 day old DD outside with DP. Didn't get the job on 3 hours sleep (came second) but got another as a result of someone on the interview committee suddenly being short-staffed.

The only thing that annoyed me is that the committee had no idea I'd just had DD and I might have got the job if they'd have known I was that good after no sleep and virtually no prep.

(BTW DD was late - I did think when I applied that she'd be older. You can always withdraw if you can't make the interview at all.)

morleylass Mon 12-Oct-09 16:51:11

Personally I would find it too much, but that's me and I've never been that driven that I would want the additional stress at that time. If it's what you want though and you have good support at home then go for it!

Catz Tue 13-Oct-09 13:31:49

Thanks all for the advice - sounds as if it is a difficult but not an impossible thing to do. I also have a DD but the first couple of months are something of a haze so can't remember how things were at this stage. Actually I should have mentioned that I will also be looking after DD (2) as well as the newborn but hopefully DH will have paternity leave/Christmas hols so will have some time to take DD off.

Chaotica - would you have told the panel in retrospect? I am in two minds because it's quite likely I'll be applying for jobs of this kind with this organisation in the future and don't want to be remembered as the unreliable person who pulled out/fell asleep in interview/squirted milk at the head of the panel as it might affect the future. Similarly I'm not sure if it looks at bit weak to effectively say 'be nice to me I've just had a baby'.

theDeadPirateRoberts Tue 13-Oct-09 13:37:52

How about saying something like 'I know you're not allowed to ask me about by family situation, but I like to upfront - I have a 2yo and a newborn, and will therefore be able to start work at xx date'? Get the info over in a professional manner without looking as if you're asking for favours, but also letting them know you're a superwoman for being there and awake wink

standingonmyhands Fri 16-Oct-09 00:37:11

What kind of job/industry is the job in?

1dilemma Fri 16-Oct-09 00:52:29

agree wouldn't start date be an issue?

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