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MIL v childminder.

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Skribble Fri 10-Jun-05 00:00:43

I can't win really MIL has quite a lot of back pain and struggles to drive and bend etc, so I have managed to get a job that lets me finish in time to get home for them coming out of school because she really can't drive to pick them up. She loves having them and takes them every second Saturday or so but will moan if she feels shes had them too much.

Problem is I was counting on her for the summer holidays, I was dropping from 4 to 2 days a week still finishing about 2pm and dropping them off so no driving kids are 5 and 8 so no carrying.

Today she was talking about going away for a fortnight during summer, so I said I would really need to look at a child minder. Shock horror , "why?" she says. I explain that I can't take the time off at short notice due to others taking holidays. "Mmh" she says.

I talked about changing jobs because I have found a childminder that will pick up from school so I could maybe do 2/3 full days. "Why?" she says, again I explain that as she is not fit to drive she can't pick them up from school. But "I'm seeing the doctor soon!" she says. I explain that until she has operation/ miracle healing I will have to look at something else. "Don't worry" she says "we'll work something out". This is what she said before I nearly opened a shop and had put in an offer for the lease then she decided she couldn't cope 5 afternoons a week after saying "go for it".

Not looking for answers just getting it of my chest. I don't want to take her forgranted or put her nose out, but she can't have it both ways and neither can I .

GaylordFocker Fri 10-Jun-05 00:17:11

she may only be trying to help and maybe feel inadequate that she can't, and maybe doesn't want to face that fact that she is getting less fit. Am sure she wants to look after them for always and can't understand why you have to get someone in when you have her. Her heart is in the right place. Could you suggest that she comes over to yours and looks after them as much as she likes but you will drive them to stop her back hurting so much, as long as you frive she can have them as often as she likes, or someone drives even.

giraffeski Fri 10-Jun-05 00:59:40

Message withdrawn

Skribble Fri 10-Jun-05 23:48:06

Oh I know her heart is in the right place. I think she would rather die than sit in my house all day (total tip), plus she has to be home to do her housework and make dinner for FIL coming home. She has done a few overnighters when the kids have had school the next day and she couldn't get the car.

Gone are the days when I would return to find my ironing done and my dirty washing bagged for her to take away sigh .

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