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Any lawyers out there ?

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burybran Thu 01-Oct-09 18:32:12

Are there any solicitors out there who've had a career break and managed to get back into a good job afterwards in same field (or even diff discipline)? I just haven't met or seen many mums who've managed to do this and would be interested to hear if it's possible as most lawyers seem to make the decision eventually that it's either all or nothing.

jomalone Fri 02-Oct-09 00:30:31

I haven't, but I do know of a couple of people who have. I know one who even made partner after a change of discipline and years off / part time to look after children - However, it did take a very enlightened employer (few and far between sadly!) and a lot of talent and determination (once her children were older) on her part. I don't think its impossible but its more of a pipe dream than it should be at the minute.

burybran Fri 02-Oct-09 13:06:37

Thanks jomalone. agree that there seems to be a dirth of enlightened employers anywhere particularly currently. have also seems hardly any employers who are prepared to offer part time work to try to retain women in the workplace. so frustrating when you've spent so many years getting there in the first place...

ClareLizP Fri 02-Oct-09 21:09:19

I've just returned to work full time as a lawyer (DS is 8 months) but made the decision to leave private practice and have been fortunate enough to find an in house position with more reasonable hours. I didn't think I could go back to a city law firm while my baby is so young. I think it is all or nothing in that kind of environment. Good luck!

herbgarden Fri 02-Oct-09 21:33:02

I'm a solicitor now working out of London after 5/6 years in the City (I did though move out before having DC's ). I didn't take a career break but went back after DS to my former job but part time operating a job share with a former colleague working 2.5 days a week. It took a bit of persuading to allow us to do it. I've just gone back again after having DD and my jobshare "covered" me on mat leave - I didn't take as long a period off this time. It's better than a pure part time as your "job" is always covered IYSWIM. If you work part time in a transaction job for example it's hard to not be there a couple of days as you always need to find someone to cover you so it's like you're going on holiday every week - v.stressful I reckon.

To be honest if you can find a compatible job sharer I think that could be your way forward. One of my cousins works as a partner in a city law firm and they welcome job sharers there so I don't think flexible working is confined to the suburbs....

I know you've not necessarily asked re flexible working but thought I'd just add my bit !!!

burybran Mon 05-Oct-09 14:02:21

Thanks for your responses. herbgarden - agree that job-shares are the way forward but haven't found an enlightened enough employer to allow one to happen (would be interested to hear the city law firm which welcomes job shares). Think that part time would be best option for me if am honest as don't relish prospect of being out of job market and having to get back into it again after a break but just seems so difficult to find companies that are prepared to permit flexible working. I work in house in a bank and my male bosses have an aversion to even thinking about part time hours or job shares.

Bessie123 Mon 05-Oct-09 14:06:49

Hi, I am a solicitor in house and I switched to part time after having my dd. I do find it very difficult and I definitely agree with herbgarden that a jobshare would be easier. But it is definitely a workable solution, if you can find an employer who agrees to it. I would imagine it is easier to work in-house than in private practice if you want to be part time.

burybran Fri 09-Oct-09 01:39:10

Thanks Bessie - would love to switch to p/time as you did but no chance where I am currently. Does sound like job share is the ideal...

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