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Going back to work with 2 children

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chocohead Wed 30-Sep-09 08:12:03

How did you do it ?

I have a DD whos 4 and at nursery half days term time and a DS whi is 4 months. Thinking about going back to work but cannot find any option where i will actually have any money to pay for anything after childcare.Have no family to help out.

Just wondered about others experiences to give me ideas how to do it

theoptimist Sat 03-Oct-09 00:02:28

You might get working family tax credits and childcare tax credits if your family income isn't too high. But also consider that you get to keep your skills up to date and so you wont be faced with the problems related to 'going back' to work - no career profile or huge gaps in it, lack of confidence, etc., And if you've been working for peanuts + nursery costs, when your children are in school you'll start to feel well off as the fees goes down more and more each year! There are pros and cons.

But also consider the school holidays, about 14 weeks a year. For example, I get 22 leave days a year, so have to take unpaid leave or pay for holiday clubs during the periods I can't take as leave. For me, I'm calculating that I'll earn almost nothing those weeks/months. How do you claim for childcare costs related to school children needing to go to holiday clubs, so not a regular weekly cost? I've never been able to. For example, it costs about £120 a week each for the two older ones to go to say a private holiday school, then there's the nursery fee for the baby, another £140 a week or so. I don't think I earn that much!

I've a 5 month old (so I'm on maternity leave) and two kids at primary school, so I'm trying to work out what to do myself. I was on a pretty good wage, but still feel it's pointless to return. With my other two I earned about £400 after paying £900 on (part time) childcare, and was so run off my feet, that I wonder whether it was worth it. I'm still not sure. But also (now my kids are at school 6 & 8 yrs old) I'm struggling to keep on top of what they're doing and their homework, etc., while I'm on mat leave, that I can't imagine how I'll fit all what I do now in - just for peanuts. But, the peanuts do turn in to money over the years as you start to get free sessions, etc.

Sorry! grin just as confused I'm afraid! I too have no family support.

Julesnobrain Sun 04-Oct-09 20:10:22

Got AP. Who helped with jobs around house, drop off and collection. Work for peanuts when small and you are paying full whack nursery fees but as mentioned once they go to school is easier. I currently pay 1 x FT nursery, 1 x after school club and 1 x AP Ouch !!! but I am in work and building on my CV so will be worth it in the end as we are dependent on my salary

Mamulik Sun 11-Oct-09 19:54:55

Wait until DD1 go to school, it much more easier for you.

TheRedSalamander Wed 14-Oct-09 10:42:16

I have ds1 in reception and ds2 15 months in nursery/ at my mums on 4 separate days.
Agree that the only way I can do it at the moment is by completely ignoring the pittance left over after paying bills! (£66 per month. Woohoo!) because if I thought about it then it would really get me down. But- it’s a good secure job with decent pay and it is worth keeping going as I doubt that another job like this would come along. Plus the money I earn actually contributes enorously to the household pot- we wouldn’t be able to survive on dh’s salary alone.

Is this the case with you? Join the ranks of us accepting rubbish disposable income for them moment in the knowledge (hopefully) that it should get better when a) baby turns 2 (nursery cost goes down a teeny bit normally, most nurseries in my area charge a £ or so less per day for “toddlers” aged 2+ rather than “babies” but don’t know about childminders) b) government funded places kick in at age 3 c) both are at school

Good luck, I am having a related dilemma about whether to increase my hours at work or not because we are soooo skint. Oh the guilt!

joannaspanner74 Mon 19-Oct-09 12:54:51

Have been having the same thoughts myself.
DD1 currently 4 days/wk nursery,
DD2 due in March, by which time we will get some oc DD1 c/care costs back but when/if i go back to work we will be paying - i estimate around £800/month for dd1's 4 days and £700 for dd2's, as he will get part time scholl. BUT will still need 'wrap around' care ie before and after school which more or less equates for full days rates.
my net income will be negative once i have paid for travel to and from work each month.
But, this will change i guess when dd1 gets full time school which will be approx 8 months after i go back to work.
so you have to ask youself if you care enough about the long-term work/career continuity or whether you accept the fact that we can't all be superwoman and have it all and actually it would be quite nice to be able to spend time with your kids whilst they are still young enough to appreciate you and not tie yourself in knots for the sake of a few quid a month.
If anyone has a magic wand, can I please borrow it.Also no family around to help

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