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Any teachers who can help with my covering letter?

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clutteredup Thu 24-Sep-09 16:50:46

I'm struggling with explaining why I want the job
- I already do some temporary and part time out of school teaching and since having children I have been teaching at secondary level although I am only primary trained
- this job is in a secondary school but part time maternity cover
- its hard to say I want a permanant job because this isn't one and its hard to say really why I want it as the reason I want it really is becasue I want a chance to work in a school at secondary level and that it is only temporary suits me because if its a bit of a mare with childcare and the like it won't be forever
- I really want to get it so i can put it on my CV I want it because i want to work in a secondary school although am not sure they will employ me because I'm only primary trained
- I guess what I'm saying is that I'm stuck with the covering letter because I don't think I've got a chance in hell of getting
the job.
can anyone help get me started please?

llareggub Thu 24-Sep-09 16:54:55

Am not a teacher, but if I was recruiting I'd want to know why you wanted to switch from primary and how current your subject specialism is. I'd also want know what else you could bring to the school.

clutteredup Thu 24-Sep-09 17:04:08

Thanks llareggub,
I want to switch as I love maths and teaching maths and want to teach maths to a higher level - I've got academic qualificaions and out of school expereince for the last 8 years but just am primary qualified and haven't worked in a school. my subject specialism is up to date as I run 2 residential courses a year .
I think my broader approach to maths teaching is useful and have worked with both gifted and talented as well as struggling learners and adults and my focus is to teach maths through demostrating how it fits into the world as a whole and not solely as an isolated subject - which is what I do on the course I run .
What else I could bring to the school - my startling personality and delightful self wink - that's a really hard question to answer.... any suggestions?

clutteredup Thu 24-Sep-09 17:10:26

Just writing that ahs helped a bit - its the persusive bit about why I'm the best person for the job that's hard. especially as I'm not feeling like I am.

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