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Rachel1969 Fri 15-Jun-01 12:03:21

Work have asked me to find a north west case study to go with an article about women who have children first and then go on to start career from scratch
Does anyone know anyone in north west who this applies to who might be interested in talking to me about it?
I think it would be really interesting ...

Lizzer Fri 15-Jun-01 15:41:03

Hi there Rachel - You don't say if you want women who have done this already or women who are about to start on their career path right now... If it's the second option I may be able to help you... :)

Jbr Fri 15-Jun-01 17:56:44

You'd have to be pretty young wouldn't you, you'd have to have them at school! Seriously though at college or uni. Not that that is a problem of course.

Rachel1969 Sat 16-Jun-01 19:09:20

Oooh Lizzer - not sure actually. I'll have to ask on Monday. My email is You can either send me your email or I'll post on here Monday morning to let you know.

I know what you mean Jbr - I thought that at first. But then thought some more and reckon there must be loads of women who start out certain that they want to concentrate on their family straight from school/college/uni - then change their minds. Guess it#s the same as throwing yourself into a career determined you'll stick with it and then deciding that you can't stand all the juggling any more and pack your job in (which is how I feel 50% of the time).

Don't know how anyone else feels, but for me when it's all running smoothly I think I'm luckiest woman alive to have job and kids - then the wheels come off and I wonder how I ever thought I could do it all in the first place.

Rhiannon Sat 16-Jun-01 19:57:45

When mine are both at school, Sept 2003, I intend to start college to learn a new trade of some sort. I did dental nursing and secretarial but would like to learn something new don't know what yet though. I might try an NVQ in childcare.

Rachel1969 Mon 18-Jun-01 19:36:45

Hiya Lizzer

Think you could be big help on this - could you please email me at so that I can fill you in on all the details. Thanks so much.

Liss Tue 13-Nov-01 22:01:01

I am wondering if I could train to become an actress when my children are in school. I am 26 now, I will be 30 when they start school. Anyone have any advice?

Ems Wed 14-Nov-01 09:07:27

Liss, do any of your local colleges do a Performing Arts course? I know that mine does, and I am sure they are open to mature students.

Marina Wed 14-Nov-01 12:04:47

Message withdrawn

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