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I need a template to notify work my return date inc request to go back part time - help!!

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Mocheenee Mon 21-Sep-09 14:02:27

Hi - can anyone help.
I need to compose a letter to work advising them of my intention to return in January after Maternity leave. I also need to include my written request to go back part time. Does anyone know where I can get a template letter etc that will help me get the correct wording down. I am pants at this kind of thing, simple as it seems!!
Any links/advise would be very much appreciated.

bluefootedpenguin Mon 21-Sep-09 17:05:52

Hi. Just keep it simple and to the point, no flowery wording is necessary! e.g

I am writing to inform you of my intention to return to work on January.........

I would like to return on a part-time basis and request that you consider a reduction in my hours to....

I look forward to discussing this further with you.

If you need specific days/hours then ask for them now. Your employer can turn down your request but has to give valid reasons. Good luck!

flowerybeanbag Mon 21-Sep-09 19:54:44

I have to disagree. If you want to request a change to your hours you don't technically have to say much other than 'these are the hours I want', but you are far more likely to get a request agreed if you provide some supporting information about your proposal, how it will work and how it benefits your employer.

Have a read of this factsheet all about flexible working. You will see there are certain pieces of information you must include in a request for a start, but you will also find guidance on making a successful request and things you might want to consider.

I would advise you put together something outlining the hours you want, and demonstrating that you have considered the impact of your request on the business, and thought about how it will work. If you are asking to reduce your hours, make sure you have thought carefully about how that will work. Think about what will happen to your workload. Are there tasks that could be done differently or not done at all to save time and allow you to constrict the job into fewer hours, for example? Make sure you have considered every possible problem and provided a good solution to it.

Your employer would still be obliged to consider your request if you don't provide any of this information, but it will be much less likely to succeed.

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