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Do any supply teachers just do 1 day a week?

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SpudtheScarecrow Thu 17-Sep-09 11:59:06

I'm thinking about tentatively getting back into teaching after a while as a SAHM and just wondered if any agency/school would take me on for supply if I could only regularly offer 1 day.
Don't really want to start ringing anyone up just yet in case they don't take me seriously if this is all I can commit to. I could probably occasionally do more once I was in the swing of things.

laneyjay Thu 17-Sep-09 16:22:34

Hello. In my experience of doing supply you can usually choose what you want and turn down anything you don't want. As many schools now have learning cover supervisors that cover the majority of teacher absences, you may find that there isn't much supply other than longer term maternity/sick cover offered through agencies. If I was you I'd contact the agency, get CRB'd and signed up amd tell them that you are looking for a regular one day a week with the view of possibly doing more in the future. Hope that helps.

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