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Help and advice needed please.

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clutteredup Thu 17-Sep-09 10:42:55

I have found what appears to be my ideal job but I'm not sure about childcare.
I'd need to be there for soon after 8 and its a google map 45 minute drive - hopefully at this time in the morning that's all it would be but its in the centre of a city so is likely to take longer I think. So really I need to leave at 7 to make sure I'm there in good time.
DH currently doesn't leave till 7.30 at the absolute earliest so our 3 DC could go to a CM from 7.30 but sometimes he works away so I would need to have someone to leave them with from 7. It is for 3 days a week and as his work is erratic so it couldn't be organised to avoid 3 days.
The end of the day isn't so bad as it is 3 mornings and an early afternoon so should be alright for picking up 2 from school although 1 will need collection from preschool lunch club one day.

My questions:
1. If you are on your own/DP/DH works away etc. how do you manage early starts for work?
2. Is 7am too early to leave my not very good in the morning babies?
3. How much will morning childcare cost for 3 DC and CM hourly rate for post preschool?
4. Am I completely mad even considering this?
TIA for any helpful advice or experiences people have had with this.

badgerhead Thu 17-Sep-09 12:37:09

I am a childminder & I start at 7.15 every morning & yes you will find a cm who will start at 7, especically if it is only occasionally & for 3 days a week at most.
You would need to find a CM who does the school run to your dc's school & can also do the preschool drop off & pick up. You will almost certainly need to pay the cm for all the time the youngest dc is at pre-school, expecially if she/he is doing the drop off & collection as your dc will being taking a place that she cannot fill during that time. Also remember school holidays & do you need cover then & for inset days.
Costs wise that depends on the going rate in your area but I would be charging £4.50 per hour for the younger child & probably the same or slightly higher for the school age dc's.

clutteredup Sun 20-Sep-09 11:49:03

Sorry been offline for a few days .
Thank you badger - anyone do this at all and have children dropped off so early - how do they manage?

clutteredup Sun 20-Sep-09 18:31:33


violethill Sun 20-Sep-09 19:17:11

It's certainly do-able, especially as you're talking only 3 days a week.

The key is organisation. Cut your morning routine down to the absolute basics, have everything prepared ready the night before. Organise breakfast at the CM if possible so you just need to give a drink of milk or juice.

I had a period of having to leave my dcs half an hour before the official nursery opening time, and I was charged double time for that half hour, but if you find a CM who works those hours anyway, it may just be the normal rate.

clutteredup Fri 25-Sep-09 10:34:12

thanks violet grin

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