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childcare - nursery vs pre-school

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33k Wed 16-Sep-09 22:24:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pinkthechaffinch Thu 17-Sep-09 19:13:56

I personally would send him to pre-school and find a childminder who does collections for the remainder of the day.

A good ofsted registered childminder would provide a more relaxing, homey environment after a busy morning at pre-school IMO.


Flore Thu 17-Sep-09 19:14:36

Hello 33k!

Do you already know what school you want them to go to? If so, try and find out where the other children will be coming from when they start Reception. That may help you make a decision.

My daughter has just started a couple of weeks ago and she knows most of the children in her class from pre-school. It makes for a very easy transition, for her and also for me as I know many of the other parents already.

Hope this helps!

QuietlyTTC Thu 17-Sep-09 19:15:24

I would do nursery 3 days then do preschool combined with family on the other 2 days

choufleur Thu 17-Sep-09 19:16:25

I work 4 days and juggle nursery, pre-school and grandparents. He doesn't get mixed up but I'm not sure what you would do about collecting after pre-school (DS's morning at pre-school is only 8.30am to 11.30am, but fortunately grandparents pick him up). You also have to consider holidays with pre-school.

33k Thu 17-Sep-09 19:56:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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