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flexible working request

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pippel Mon 14-Sep-09 08:58:15

I'm filing in the flexible working form for when I return to work after maternity leave and I need some help!

My contract is for 30 hours but not set hours. In reality this meant I either worked everyday but short shifts, or I worked full time hours anyway. So when I return I would like set hours, I have had a chat with my boss and told her I dont mind doing over time as long as I have some warning because it just turned up on the rota and I was never given much choice about it.

So I need to decide which hours I would like to suggest, but there is not much chance really that it will be turned down. So Ive narrowed it down to either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and half day Thursday, or Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday half day Friday.

I was talking to someone at work who said something about bank holidays and I cant remember if she said it was better to work Mondays or if it was better not to work them, does anybody know?

Also I'm not sure what to put about the effect will be on the workplace will be if I have set hours. I know it will give my boss less flexibility with the rotas, but I dont know how to words this or what to say I can do to help overcome this.

Anyone have any suggestions? grin

bookbird Tue 15-Sep-09 21:25:08

Is your 30 hours part-time compared to other staff? If so, I think the way it works is as follows:

if you ordinarily work Mondays, you get an unfair advantage on bank holidays (you would get your time off later in the week plus the holiday). If Monday is your day off, your employer "owes you" pro-rata for the bank holiday monday.

Does this make sense

pippel Wed 16-Sep-09 08:51:10

full time is 40 hours

yes that does make sense thank you!

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