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Will I lose my benefits?

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iloveholidays Fri 11-Sep-09 10:15:15

I'm looking for some advise as I'm not quite sure where I stand...

I'm starting to look at childminders for when I return back to work next March. I plan to go back part time however have not yet had that conversation with my employer.

As I am looking at childminders now, I am quite keen to have the conversation with my employer sooner rather than later, however I receive a car allowance at work. If I have the conversation with my employer and it comes to the conclusion that I won't be going back (as they won't let me work part time) will I lose the remainder of my car allowance and maternity pay?

Basically my problem is... how can I arrange a childminder until I know what days, hours I will be working? I'm worried if I have the conversation with my employers too early then I may lose my benefits (as I think there is quite a high possibility they won't take me back part time).

Hopefully this makes sense - thanks for your help in advance.

risingstar Sat 12-Sep-09 22:36:21

gosh- it kind of makes sense!

the maternity pay that you refer to- if it is statutory maternity pay, it is yours to keep regardless. If it is discretionary then it depends what it says in your contract.

there is no legal reason that your employer can think that you are not coming back unless you actually resign and you are entitled for all benefits in kind to continue (holiday, prob car, health care).

I think that in your position, i would put in a flexible working application in say january. Do it via the formal route and to the letter of the law.

At the same time, I would start looking for a childminder. The difficulty is (and it is just a fact of life) that you can only employ childminders that are available at the point you want them. in my experience, if you look too soon you find the perfect one that will either be full when you want them, or you will be tempted to pay a retainer to keep them free. Bit like buying a house really!

What i did was reserve a nursery place ( only cost me £100 to reserve the space) so that i knew i had something sorted then looked around nearer the time. as it turned out i preferred nursery to the childminders that were free.

Best of luck!!!

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