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What do you put in a covering letter?

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LoveBeingAMummy Wed 09-Sep-09 08:33:34

Am applying via the company website and the forst part is a covering letter which has to be typed in, followed by a CV which can be a file attached.

What exactly do you put in a covering letter? I've never had to write one befroe, isn't most of it going to be be very similar to the CV?


ReddyMealsAreNotWorthIt Wed 09-Sep-09 08:37:21

Dear Sir/Madam

I am applying for the post of (insert job/job title), and in so doing attach my CV for your consideration.

I am especially interested in this position because (insert your reasons), and I believe I would be a good candidate because (insert your reasons).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully


So you don't repeat your CV but you translate your qualifications/experience into how you would be ideally suited for the role you're applying for.


LoveBeingAMummy Wed 09-Sep-09 08:40:50

cheers reddy thats fab x

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