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Tips on achieving a good work/life balance...

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Mylittlebubble Mon 07-Sep-09 16:05:30

... I work 4 days a week 9-5 depending on travel could be longer. I am away from the the home once or twice a month.

We have a great routine with chidminder and grandparents and a really happy, confident LO. However I am finding it increasingly hard to keep up with the house work, being a good friend and wife, I am exhausted! I am also starting to feel sad about missing out in the LO's deveolpment. I find out weeks after the event that she has done something new sadLO 17 months

At the moment it does not make sense to change my job, baby number two in the plan. After baby number 2 I will change my job. However thought I would ask if anyone else goes through the same emotions and how they deal with it.

Earlybird Mon 07-Sep-09 16:12:51

Easy answer is to get a cleaner so you enjoy being home with your family and don't feel guilty/anxious about the state of your house.

It isn't hugely expensive, and can make a big difference to quality of life.

gallery Mon 07-Sep-09 21:30:46

Summary here
1. Cleaner
2. Ironing sent out
3. Cycle to and from work at least once a week (even when I worked further away, one day a week I took train with bike (got up early to do this and then cycled 13mile home)
4 Rowing machine in garage
5 have dinner parties with friends at my house
6 have weekends we do nothing- take kids to beacb etc
7 Plan meals in advance and tell husband to cook at least once a week (not what but something anything edible)
8 Rotate seeing friends- do in small doses, not trying to keep up with everyone
9 get babysitter about every 6 weeks
10 Make 5-7 kids time, then put them to bed by 8- adult time
11 Do not let myself worry about how others mmanage or not- it is up to me and my family tto be happy with our life so accept what I do does not work for others

blueshoes Mon 07-Sep-09 21:57:16

I would say the best way of achieving a balance is fewer work hours, less if no international travel.

Can you get your employer to agree to flex working, cut down on travel?

joeyw Thu 10-Sep-09 14:26:38

sounds like my life! do same - 4 day week with some travel, but to add to complications DH has some health issues so is not as able to pull his weight with housework, cooking, etc as others might be. now have DS/DD 2 on way and frankly have NO idea how things will pan out when i go back to work for second time. unlikely my work will be any more flexible than they are. like you, i guess i will have to look for another job at that stage. but all the tips that gallery posted are v helpful i think....along with keep reminding yourself the reasons why you do it..whether its for income/sanity/good role model for kids/job satisfaction/whatever

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