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going back to work after a short time or years later.....any advice or experiences you can share with me?

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rita2007 Fri 04-Sep-09 21:59:33

I went back to work about 1 year after having DG, just to take on a heavy duty role that became even more stressful due to economic climate and manager leaving and taking on his work without any pay increase. my colleague who did not take on extra responsibility got a £5k increase (coincendence that she was buddy buddy with the big boss??)

Long strory short, he did nothing for me and i resigned as he did not seem to care when i told him I was not motivated to continue to take work home, etc.

Now I have been out of work for few weeks and if i don;t find work soon, i may just decide to be FT mom and housewife.....if i do, what will my chances be in getting back into similar role in 1 - 2 years. Anyone who has been in similar position who can advise me?

many many thanks

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