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Woudl like a job starting November, when to start applying?

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lowrib Sun 23-Aug-09 23:20:59

I'm hoping to go back to part time work in November (DS will be 11mo). I'm not looking for a carer role IYKWIM, as we are moving in the next year anyway, so any admin job will do. Although I know the climate is tough, and November isn't the best time, I've got 10 years solid admin experience, and am in London so I reckon it's doable.

If you wanted to start in November, when would you start applying? Is now too soon?

TIA smile

AngryWasp Sun 23-Aug-09 23:30:21

No. I'd start applying right now. It takes time to refine your cv to get interview invitations and then it takes a couple of practice interviews to be made an offer. By the time you've don't all that you'll be close enough to November to ask them to hold on for a couple of weeks. If not, then put it down to practice experience!

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