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Are my PT arrangements now automatically permanent?

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OrangeChicken Tue 18-Aug-09 23:34:24

Hello, am hoping somebody with a bit of experience (FloweryBeanBag??!) will be able to help me out here...

I returned to work from maternity leave 4 months ago. My employer didn't want me to return PT and therefore only agreed to my doing so on a temporary "let's wait and see" basis. They sent me an amendment to my contract, which I signed, saying that the PT arrangements would be subject to formal review after 3 months and at any time before that the firm (law firm, am solicitor) could end the PT arrangements if they felt they weren't working out.

Right ... despite a lot of negativity from the partner I work for ... my arrangements have not been challenged, and the 3 month review has not taken place ... in fact as I said I have been back 4 months now.

I have just been told that I am to have an appraisal within the next 6 weeks but noone has mentioned this being the formal PT review meeting - I am guessing in reality it will be brought up by then.

I have kept mum on the subject for fear of losing what I have. I also figured if the 3 months came and went and the PT arrangements continued unchallenged that it would mean that they had become permanent... is this the case??

And if not do I have any kind of argument IF they do try and make me return to FT??

Thanks so much for any advice...

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