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Any Occupational Therapists out there?

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sunfleurs Thu 13-Aug-09 20:42:53

Just some advice please?

I would be a mature student going via the access route. Just want some general info on studying, employment opportunities and what to expect. Do you enjoy etc, are you glad you are one? and so on.

Many thanks.

Meglet Fri 14-Aug-09 10:14:24

bumping for you. My sis is an OT and studied as a mature student, she's not an mn-etter but I have a rough idea of what she's done. IIRC she did A level biology and psychology at college then 3 years at uni. She did various work experience at uni including nursing and at high security prisons with the criminally insane. Since finishing she has worked in drug and alcohol rehab and now works in a psychiatric hospital. She seems to have a great time, she gets the patients cooking, reading the papers, light exercise etc. It seems like an easy job but I now understand how important it is for the patients to get the help the OT's provide.

sunfleurs Fri 14-Aug-09 11:57:19

Oh thanks Meglet. That sounds great and the perfect job for me actually. I am thinking the access route but A-Levels from home might be even better.

I am interested in it as my ds has autism and saw an OT. She was unbelievable. All the questions I had about ds that no-one else seemed able to answer, she was able to. He has problems handwriting and she said well "does he flop around in his chair", (he has poor motor skills) "yes, well how can he be expected to hold a pen then?, we work on that first", no-one had asked me that before. She was fab and totally got ds. To me it seems like an incredibly important job.

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